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    When is the Update going to resume?


      The update was "paused" on 1.9.2012.  That is now 2 months ago, that is an eternity in the life of a phone.  The battery life on this phone is abysmal.  For thos lucky enough to have received the update it appeared to have fixed it.  Is HTC ever going to start this update back up or do I have to live with the charger in my pocket until I give up and replace this phone with something that lasts longer than 6 hours?

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          All I can say is my phone has the update...   The battery life is great and I have no issues...

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            The update is available if you look over on the XDA development forums.  I can't link you there directly, but you should be able to google for it and find it.   You'll have to load it manually, which is surprisingly easy.


            The update did wonders for the battery life, but it's not without it's quirks.  Still, I'd rather have it and the better battery life and just put up with the quirks. 

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              I have the update from xda/goo-inside-me, where it is housed.  I have had it for several weeks.  What I don't seem to have is a way to make it load.  I tried the usual stuff,  renaming it update.zip  or ps59img.zip but either way it doesn't seem to load.  The phone is 100 % stock and not rooted.  Any suggestions getting it to load would be greatly appreciated.

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                You do need to do a battery pull before you can install it, and boot into the bootloader. 

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                  Thanks for the suggestion, tried that already without success.  I tried renaming the file (OTA_Doubleshot_TMOUS_1.55.531.3-1.28.531.10_release_2279923pt850rhelkwzr8g.zip)   to PG59IMG.zip  but it won't load.  I also tried renaming it to update.zip  and that won't load as well.  Tried updating it as the name above, but that also wont work.  Short of rooting this thing and loading a deodexed rooted version, I am out of ideas.  I have rooted all of my many androids before this but I was actually hopeful that just for once I would have a phone that actually just worked and I didn't have to void the warranty and force it to work.  I am really really angry with HTC for dropping the ball on this, the update was paused 2 months ago and still no fix?   Pathetic. 


                  I guess for the time being I will switch back to my nexus one running miui.  At least that doesn't overheat, and the battery lasts for a day and a half.  I will just have to wait for when HTC finally gets around to reissuing the update.  Hopefully it will be sometime in the next year.

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                    Back to the original question...  Any word on when MyTouch 4G Slide users might be able to expect the update that was halted 2 months ago?  I can understand people making use of the xda side channels on their own phones, but it would be prefered to have T-Mobile/HTC actually support the product that is still fairly young.  I know that a couple issues that my wife is having maybe/are addressed with the update and would like to have full support...




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                      As of now we do not have a date as to when the update will resume. Once we have more information, it will be updated here.

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                        What is up with this update?  The update information page for the HTC 4G Slide seems to say that the update started again on 3/19, but was stopped again on 3/20?  What is going on?  How about an update straight to 4.0 ICS?

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                          I have had the update since last year and my battery life sucks. Phone has a lot of problems.