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What is T-Mobile Vesta



On my Bank Statement it shows my T-Mobile payment made on 01/18/2012.went to T-Mobile "Vesta" Portland, Oregon. Can somone explain why this pyt. went to Oregon?

Thank You


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    Hey ladytea!


    T-Mobile has refill centers all over the country.  The one that took your payment happened to be in Portland, OR.


    Hope this helps!


    - Ian

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    I was just a victim of check card fraud.  whoever it was made a charge to vesta tmobile.  will my bank be able to, or have the authority to find out what account was "refilled" and track that person down. please tell me yes, i want to throw whoever it is in jail.  thank you

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    Well this comment from Eckinger does not sound good. !!

    My question that I asked What is T-Mobile Vesta" was not fully answered.   not a full explanation for "Vesta". I went and reviewed past bank statements.and it shows all my payments went to "Vesta" The first time I saw this entry I did not give it much thought. But now I'm more concerned. And what it is related to..

    I would appreciate a more explanatory description of "Vesta"..


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    I didnt mean to get you all riled up LadyTea lol... the person who somehow get my checkcard info used to refill their tmobile phone i guess.  One of 8 different charges the thief made on my card.  I myself work for a rather large um, cable company, and there are payment center/offices all over the country.  Vesta is just the name of where your payment happens to get processed and posted.  I wouldn't worry at all any more about it, if I was in your shoes....

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    Vesta is a company that processes the payments.