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        I read a lot of people reporting issues with freezing, battery problems etc.  I consider myself to be a pretty heavy user on my G2x, and I've never had any of the issues people are stating here.  I will say, I am pretty OCD about what I let my phone do and don't do.  I do not have any UNUSED apps sitting about, if I don't use it often, I delete it.  I use "Advanced Task Killer Free" from the Android Market, (or as I noticed today....Google Play?), anyways, I keep background data disabled, and I kill any open tasks, and have Task Killer do an auto kill every 30min.  Grabbing the G2x by the reins and really controlling what apps are idle, running in the background when not needed, really helps extend battery life.


        Now as far as battery condition itself.  Well, I always, ALWAYS, run the battery down till the phone shuts down.  Making sure the battery is COMPLETELY drained.  Than, I charge it with the phone off.  I've noticed, from my own use, that the battery says it is completely charged, and takes half the time, when charging when the phone is on.  This didn't quite make sense to me as you would assume by logice that the phone would take LONGER to charge if it was on, because the phone is still drawing power.  Anyways, in this situation, I noticed that the battery died quicker in between charge cycles when charging with the phone on.  I get anywhere from 4-8 hours longer lifespan when I charge the battery with the phone shut off.  I also wait until the battery cools down before charging as well.  Heat is one of the biggest enemies to electronics, and batteries suffer from heat just like a processor would.


        Try changing how you charge the battery.  My standard LG 1500mAh battery gives me about 14-18 hours, and thats with gaming, tethering to my laptop, watching videos, etc.  ALOT of use and the battery keeps kicking like a champ.


        I did invest in a 3500mAh battery from Amazon, was $11.80 and free shipping.  Other than it's huge and heavy, it works great, and I've seen upwards towards 30 hours off one charge.

        Heres a link to the battery if you are interested: http://www.amazon.com/CellularFactory-Optimus-Monaco-Extended-Battery/dp/B005AV7HVY/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1331263088&sr=8-2


        I don'tknow if any of this is useful to you or not.  But I can't express enough to people (friends/family) about properly taking care of a battery and properly charging it.

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          As with all technology, your going to have 10 people telling you which is the best way to handle something.


          As with any information, it is appreciated,  I can see the value in whats being said in each writers viewpoint.


          With the task killer, in my own experience, I have found that it really does free up my G2x. You must always exercise caution in whatever you do when starting to really tweak your phone. (And I'm not talking about rooting). Alot of apps out there can actually do more damage than harm if you don't know what your doing. With my situation, the app I am running allows you to compile an Ignore List, which really allows you to setup system protection of critical processes.  It really depends on the user, and your personal preferences.  I like having the ability to wipe out all non-essential processes right before I launch an HD game.


          With the battery, I've actually never heard about going below 2.5v, but I can say from my own experience, with the G2x, the phone shuts it's self down around 3.4v.  So in this case, you thankfully wouldn't need to worry about that situation.  And as with any person you talk to, things just really come down to matters of opinon and own personal experiences as to why a person does what they do. I have just always found, in my own personal experience, that discharging any battery operated device to the point where the device does not function, and than allowing it to cool, than charging it with the device off until fully charged, has always produced the best outcome for me personally when it comes to the lifespan performance of the battery between charging cycles, and the overall lifespan of the battery in general.


          But like I said, others will disagree...lol

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            Cut ties with T-Mobile.  And tell all your friends and family.


            That's what I'm doing. 

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              Re: [G2x] LG/T-Mobile please honor G2x Support and Warranty and fix it

              Re: [G2x] LG/T-Mobile please honor G2x Support and Warranty and fix it Adam Stewart: Questions about my G2X (LG P999) ~Philip M: Welcome to T-Mobile Chat service. My name is Phil M and for your reference my rep ID is 13-20630. First, please allow me one moment to review your inquiry so I can best assist you, Adam.

              Philip M: Thank you for your patience. I will definitely help you with your inquiries today.
              ~Philip M: I see you have been with us for many years, we really appreciate your continued loyalty.

              Adam Stewart: Thanks
              Adam Stewart: I upgraded to the g2x last May
              Adam Stewart: it's given me a lot of problems
              Adam Stewart: random reboots, random shutdowns
              Adam Stewart: stalled downloads even with full service
              Adam Stewart: Since it is still within the 1 year warranty, what can we do to get a suitable replacement?

              ~Philip M: We would need to troubleshoot the issue and see if that is the right course of action in this scenario first, Adam.
              Adam Stewart: and how do you suggest we troubleshoot this issue?
              Adam Stewart: from what i understand this has been a common issue for this particular model phone
              Adam Stewart: do you receive many inquiries like this in regards to the g2x?

              ~Philip M: No. I have not.
              ~Philip M: What is the main issue with the device?
              Adam Stewart: Random issues and random shutdowns as I just mentioned
              Adam Stewart: random reboots*

              ~Philip M: Would you say it is freezing and shutting down, or losing power?
              Adam Stewart: Freezing and shutting down.

              ~Philip M: The device may seem to freeze, lock up, or have slow performance. There are several possible causes for this:
              Not performing regular memory maintenance.
              Memory card issues
              Third-party applications with software problems
              Customer expects device to be faster than it really is
              Low internal memory
              Programs running in background



              These problems can occur even on properly working Android devices from all carriers and manufacturers. The most common cause of the problems are listed above.
              ~Philip M: What were you doing when the device froze, and what programs were open in the background?

              Adam Stewart: which time?
              Adam Stewart: this occurs very often
              Adam Stewart: and it has occured since the day i received the g2x

              ~Philip M: It is normal for the device to pause while opening programs or performing tasks, such as sending texts and browsing the Internet.
              Web pages, email, and apps that access the Internet may load slowly depending on the network.
              The device is not as fast or responsive as a computer.
              T-Mobile cannot troubleshoot slowness in third-party applications.
              You need to manage the memory regularly for the device to work properly.

              Adam Stewart: Philip
              Adam Stewart: let me be very clear
              Adam Stewart: I understand what you are saying
              Adam Stewart: however,

              ~Philip M: Do you get alot of "Foreclose" errors, or does the device crash during startup?

              Adam Stewart: the issue is that the product your company gave me is defective.
              Adam Stewart: and I don't appreciate you telling me that this is "normal" when a simple google search tells me that there are many other g2x owners with the same issue
              Adam Stewart: T-mobile admitted there were issues with the g2x
              Adam Stewart: http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2385923,00.asp
              Adam Stewart: so while you might think that "troubleshooting" the issue will make me go away
              Adam Stewart: I assure you it will not
              Adam Stewart: I would like to know how I can exchange both my phone and my wifes phone (408-xxx-xxxx) because they are both having these issues.
              Adam Stewart: I do not want another g2x, i would like a suitable replacement
              Adam Stewart: the phones are both still under warranty.

              ~Philip M: In order to do any kind of exchanges, Adam. We need to go about troubleshooting the issues on the devices/accessories to ensure they are in fact the known issues with a device. At that point, we can look into exchange possibilities.
              Adam Stewart: So you do admit there are known issues

              ~Philip M: There is known issues with every device, Adam. What I am saying is that we need to troubleshoot this issue to find out exactly which one it is to take the right course of action needed.

              Adam Stewart: What are the known issues with the LG PG9999
              Adam Stewart: P999*

              ~Philip M: Software updates (downloads, FOTA)
              The phone restarts unexpectedly or turns off: T-Mobile G2x
              The phone restarts unexpectedly when GPS is turned on - T-Mobile G2x with Google



              Device hardware (battery, keys, power, screen, SIM card)

              Roaming icon displays when the customer is in a T-Mobile coverage areaExtend battery lifeLow Battery Life - T-Mobile G2xFront-Facing Camera Not Functional When Using Qik Record and Share - T-Mobile G2x with GoogleBacklight leaking - T-Mobile G2x with GoogleSleep Mode Stuck: T-Mobile G2x with Google



              "Application is not installed on your phone" - T-Mobile G2x


              Text entry

              Cannot complete a text message that was started by using the Voice Search application



              “T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network” remains in e-mail signature after being deleted in the Signature settings screenDuplicate Text Message - T-Mobile G2x with Google


              Network (Service)
              Wi-Fi turns off when screen turns off - T-Mobile G2xNo Data Connection - T-Mobile G2xCar Home (car mode) cannot turn off or disable on Android: Google Car HomeWi-Fi Calling Errors: T-Mobile G2x with Google Unable to browse while using tethering or wi-fi sharing: G2x 'Error' when attempting to turn on Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi hotspot: Android
              ~Philip M: These are all known to T-Mobile.

              Adam Stewart: Ok

              ~Philip M: Do you get alot of "Foreclose" errors, or does the device crash during startup?

              Adam Stewart: The device does not crash during start up
              Adam Stewart: In regards to force close errors, it happens rarely.

              ~Philip M: Check the software version, and verify that it is the most recent version for the device.
              ~Philip M: I need to know this information, please?

              Adam Stewart: I have done so
              Adam Stewart: one moment
              Adam Stewart: LG-P999-V21e
              Adam Stewart: that is for my line
              Adam Stewart: 408-xxx-xxxx
              Adam Stewart: for my wifes line, 408-xxx-xxxx, the software version is also LG-P999-V21e

              ~Philip M: That is good news.
              ~Philip M: The phone restarts unexpectedly or turns off without displaying an error message. There are different situations when this is occurring:


              When the phone memory is nearly full and the customer is using the Qik application to Play a video, or Record and share a video

              The phone restarts unexpectedly and without displaying an error message when GPS is turned on

              The phone restarts for unexpected reasons and seems to heat up

              The phone turns off without displaying an error


              Software version affected:





              Software version resolved:

              ~Philip M: Be advised LG is working to resolve this issue in an upcoming software update.
              ~Philip M: Removing and re-inserting the battery resolves the issue in most cases.
              ~Philip M: After the phone restarts, clear phone memory by performing the following actions:
              ~Philip M: Check available phone memory (

              Adam Stewart: I'm not interested in an upcoming software update.

              ~Philip M: Delete and manage unneeded applications and files
              ~Philip M: Perform one or more of the above actions when you see the system message “phone memory is almost full.”
              ~Philip M: Purchase an SD card to help free up memory.

              Adam Stewart: My wife applied the factory update to her phone last week.
              Adam Stewart: the issues still occured.
              Adam Stewart: I do not want anything except a suitable replacement for the defective product i received.

              ~Philip M: Use these steps to ensure this known issue is worked around until, LG releases a new software update for your device.

              Adam Stewart: LG was also supposed to make the phone compatible with android ice cream sandwich in November of last year
              Adam Stewart: that did not happen and still hasn't occured
              Adam Stewart: so to tell me that an "upcoming software update" will fix the issue does not solve this problem for me.
              Adam Stewart: especially since the phones are no longer under warranty next month.
              Adam Stewart: at which point neither tmobile nor LG is under any obligation to honor my request.

              ~Philip M: Then, if you do not wish to take the course set out by our known issue troubleshooting flow. We must get you to call into a Technical Care representative at this point to further assist you.
              ~Philip M: They will see my memos of everything we have covered so far, and will be happy to look into this further with you. Is there anything else I can help you out with over chat?

              Adam Stewart: Yes

              ~Philip M: Please call our Technical Support specialists at 1-800-937-8997 or by dialing 611 from another T-Mobile cell phone. At the prompt, say "Troubleshooting" and your call will be forwarded to a representative for assistance. Please do not call using the phone you are looking to obtain assistance with.

              Adam Stewart: Please have them call me directly.
              Adam Stewart: I don't wish to wait on hold.
              Adam Stewart: And actually, before you do that, please clarify for me
              Adam Stewart: Your known issue troubleshooting flow for the T-Mobile G2X (LG P999) is to basically wait for LG to release a software update on an unknown date in the future.
              Adam Stewart: Is that correct?

              ~Philip M: Correct. At this point your issue seems to be the issue known as "The phone restarts unexpectedly or turns off: T-Mobile G2x". This troubleshooting flow informs us to let you know that LG knows this is an issue and plans to fix it in an upcoming software update.

              Adam Stewart: Great. Thank you for confirming that. Please have a manager contact me at 408-xxx-xxxx. When may I expect that call?

              ~Philip M: We have no way to have Technical Care contact you, Adam. We have no direct contact with their department besides your account notes. You need to call into the number above to further troubleshoot this issue.

              Adam Stewart: I understand. Will Technical Care be able to resolve my issue further than telling me to wait for LG to fix the problem?

              ~Philip M: I cannot say for sure, Adam? If they can. They will.

              Adam Stewart: Philip, I believe we both know they will not be able to tell me anything different than you have.
              Adam Stewart: So, I have no need to speak with them.
              Adam Stewart: I need to speak with someone who will honor my loyalty as a customer as well as the warranty provided for my devices.
              Adam Stewart: Who would that be and how can I reach them?

              ~Philip M: No. I do not know if they can help you further, or not, Adam. This is why I am referring you there for further assistance.
              ~Philip M: They would be the ones to do this for you if need be, or they would direct you to that place once they further assist you in trying to resolve this issue.

              Adam Stewart: Very good. I appreciate your assistance. I will be posting a transcript of our chat to the tmobile support forums.


              ~Philip M: Okay. Do you have any other need for my help today, Adam?


              Adam Stewart: No.


              ~Philip M: Thank you for contacting T-Mobile Chat, and being a valued customer. Have a good day, Adam!







              After my chat with Philip, I called Jay in Technical support.  He was very courteous and helpful, but couldn't offer me anything that Philip had not already suggested.  He told me he could send me two replacement G2x's for a $20 replacement fee per line. 


              I told him that is not what I wanted, as all that did was give me a newer, shinier, defective phone.  I asked him who could help me and he said he could transfer me to the loyalty department.


              I didn't catch the guy's name in the loyalty department.  He had two options for me: I could either go with what Jay suggested, or he could give me two new phones of my choice at the discounted upgrade price.  I decided to go for the second option and this time I'll be getting an HTC phone.


              LG is too new to making smartphones, which is why I believe there were so many issues with the G2x.  HTC has a much better track record.


              If you want to get your issues solved, this is what T-mobile will do for you.  I'm willing to take the upgrade price, considering I'm not due for another upgrade for a year.  I use my phone all the time, and there's no way I would use a G2x until 2013. 

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                Yes. I will agree HTC does have a much better track record for better and reliable devices thus far.

                But under the warranty of the phone it only covers replacement of the same make and model or its repair thru LG.

                But as far as the problem goes he is right it is a known problem with the software of the device. Not a hardware problem.

                LG is working on releasing a update for the that will resolve the problem.

                Recently for a short time they accidentally released it for download to version v21y which a few people here got.

                I was lucky and caught it during that time.

                Since I have that update I have had the phone running for over 75 hours straight with no reboots, freezes, or any problems at all. Didn't reboot it once. And even have better battery life with the newer version on the phone. And I have over 80 apps on the phone.

                With the accidental release was just like the v21e that came out before.

                So I would suspect that this should be out officially within the next 2 weeks.

                Just stinks that it took LG this long to fix it.

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                  The new 2.3.4 update does not help the situation at all!! In fact the phone now has a new feature with one way voice call.

                  No one is able to hear me until I place the phone in speaker mode then return to the handset. Also I notice the phone seems to longer delays with the screen and changing the phone from handset to speaker.


                  All in all this PHONE SUCKS! I think what ****** me off more is T-mobile tries to pawn off the Sidekick as a replacement phone... They lost the customer support experience and now they treat us long standing (10 year) customer like ****. I would give anything to see the CEO use the **** he sells!

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                    I am so frosted with t-mobile and the LG G2X phone. I paid out of pocket FULL PRICE for this phone. $500.00.



                    First off I am a single mom trying to make ends meet so paying this much for a phone was a stretch. SInce I was a loyal customer I could break up the reaming $100.00  payments on my bill, Which I did....



                    The phone is such a PIECE OF ****. Which brings me on to number two.... I have a small child under 2 years old. I have to drop her off at her father's every other weekend over an hour and a half away. On the Highway....phone has shut off and not gone back on. Taking out battery, restarting, not starting. I was worried about safety bc I wanted to be on the highway with a working phone...god forbid something happened. I pay $100+ a month for cell phone bill then $500 for a phone that does not work and WAS REPLACED 3 TIMES.



                    I called t-mobile so many times and even though they do not manufacture the phone they are responsible because they are the carrier I PAY FOR EVERY MONTH. THEY DID NOTHING TO HELP ME. i HAD TO BUY ANOTHER PHONE. So not only did I have to find money to buy myself a new phone and have a $500 phone sitting here that is worthless and money my daughter and I could use.



                    I am disgusted with tmobile and the LG phone. No one did anything to help their loyal paying customers? What has happened  to the world... companies not standing by their products. My dad is a manufacturer for over 40 years and he stands behind his products. I guess it's the old school generation. People work hard for their money and these large corporations seem to forget that because they don;t want to lose a dime.

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                      Have you tired anything since the update?

                      Or have you updated to v21y?

                      Since I did that phone has worked much better.

                      If still having the problem try and clear the internal sd, remove external sd, master reset and test without any apps for a day or two rebooting once a day and then adding back one thing at a time to make sure is notbad application causing the problems.

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                        I tried everything...tech support, updates etc etc. No matter what after paying 500 for a phone you shouldt have to deal with all that ****. Its a shame. Im glad yours is working better mine is just a very expensive ugly paperweight lol

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                          After update I can say is a lot better.

                          U have to be carefull what aplications u install.

                          I'm surprised how peoples complain about this phone.


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                            People complain about this phone because it's been a POS since the day it came out. People complain because it didn't work like it was supposed to - there were lots of freezing problems and lot of others; then they released an update that fixed most problems but took away camera features that a lot of people liked; then they did another update but problems persisted; owners were told to wait for these magic updates which didn't solve the problems.


                            The phone appears to have had little or no testing prior to release. Manufacture quality was mediocre (but that's to be expected from any LG product). Help from TMO and LG was non-existent. The phone was so bad, they pulled it from the shelves for a couple months.


                            So maybe you're lucky and got a good one. Many others have not been so lucky.

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                              You are right.

                              When it was released and for the longest it was the biggest pile.

                              After the updates many people also reported that is working better and not just me.

                              There are many things that can cause the problems that were reported.

                              Had that problem too allot with my my touch 4g and was caused by a app and doing that was able to help me diagnose the problem.

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                                I have to say I agree w mr strat. Besides the phone being a piece of ****. No matter what this isn;t what faithful, loyal customers should of had to deal with. Lg didn't stand behind product and tmobile did not stand behind customers. I had months of aggervation with this phone....months. Useless phone calls to customer service, days not having a phone. Did t-mobile give me a credit for days of not having service bc of a crappy phone....NOPE.


                                I pay 100+ a month for service and I have been a t-mobile customer for about 7 years(waiting for contract to expire) and all I got was you have to pay for a new phone. So I ended up spending $800 on a cell phone.


                                T-mobile or Lg didn't care that I could be stranded on the side of the road with my child bc of a faulty phone.....and all t-mobile cares about is taking my money every month not quality service. They did nothing to make it right.

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                                  Make your voice heard

                                  Philipp.Humm@t-mobile.com - CEO


                                  Jim.Alling@t-mobile.com - VP

                                  Larry.Myers@t-mobile.com - VP's


                                  Tell them what you think about the support, service and the G2x!