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      • 75. Re: Text Message Failure Sending

        This issue is NOT fixed and the one labeled correct answer is NOT the solution

        I have this problem multiple times per day and its unacceptable

        • 76. Re: Text Message Failure Sending

          I agree hoopz, its no where near the right answer to the issue, and it sounds like there is a temporary fix out there according to some. I just suggested Google Voice as a solution to those having extreme connectivity issues. Text+ is a good answer to the messaging problem as well.


          It's just the poor way T-Mo handles SMS and the way the stock messaging program works as well. As I said, Sprint has the same issues as do the other 2 majors.


          Hopefully ICS does a better job of SMS handling and T-Mo's build out makes them able to handle more capacity.

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            yeah I wasn't saying you were wong I was just saying that they should't play it off like its "fixed" and thats the solution

            • 78. Re: Text Message Failure Sending

              Unfortunately at times the Tmobile employees put 'assumed answered' or 'correct answer' when the respond even if the problem isnt resolved.

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                Ok, here is the final issue...


                Authentication for the T-Mobile SIM is not being allowed once it has dropped from the system without a reset. Some recommend pulling the battery, SIM and SD card and reinserting. Others say to just restart the device. Both of these will fix the issue short term, but not long term - the authentication problem will return. Verizon is having a similar issue with their LTE devices logging out of data services.


                I was able to duplicate the issue coming off Wi-Fi 4 times today when trying to log back on to the 4G network. Obviously without data lines, this never was a problem before, and honestly with the Lumia 710, I haven't been able to duplicate the problem either. I was able to get the Amaze 4G to do it though.

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                  This is the only fix that has worked for me so far.

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                    Any updates on this? I got my phone two days ago and I'm having this problem already. I find it happens after I leave home when I've been on WiFi. Restarting the phone usually helps but right now none of my texts are going through.

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                      The answer may lie in an update to ICS, or restart daily and not using Wi-Fi, or provisioning your SIM daily, or using GoSMS, or flat out changing how you text by using Google Voice or other options...


                      Trust me,  if a permanent solution is found, it will be posted ASAP!

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                        Any updates on this?  I've had the phone only one week and I'm already having this problem. 

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                          I have not seen any updates related to this issue.  With Go SMS Pro I am still having occasional errors even on messages less than 160 chars.


                          Maybe someone has unlocked the phone and runs this phone on AT&T (or Straight Talk's new BYOP AT&T service) can tell us if they have SMS sending issues.  If so perhaps we could determine if the issue is with the phone or the network.



                          • 85. Re: Text Message Failure Sending

                            I unlocked the phone and used it on a carrier in Ireland and had message failure there too. It was while I was over there that I read the tip about Go SMS Pro and installed that. I haven't had a single error since on either the Irish carrier or T-Mobile.

                            • 86. Re: Text Message Failure Sending

                              receiver - at&t

                              me - tmobile on an unlocked phone



                              him - can you give me your address

                              me - i did already

                              him - i didnt get it

                              me - text it again

                              him - nope

                              me - wtf!

                              next day he shows me my address text at 2 am





                              • 87. Re: Text Message Failure Sending

                                @cal777 That's why my wife left T-Mo 5 years ago... I would send her a message (I was on Verizon at the time) and it would come in 5-8 hours later. Usually at like 2 or 3 in the morning. She used to try and blame me, but then her roomie's phone started to do it as well. I think T-Mo is just a bit rough around the edges for message delivery.


                                Now on the opposite side of messaging - I picked up an HTC Radar (4Gish) and haven't had one missed/failed/issue with messaging yet. So, maybe it is a bit more of the Exhibit II than I thought, but like I said, I unlocked the Exhibit II... Ran it on Red Pocket Mobile and had full 3G coverage (as fast as my T-Mo 4G) and no messaging issues at all - but I only used it for a few days while waiting for my wife's iPhone to arrive...


                                Very strange...


                                I still think the answer lies in the ICS update if there is one... Or possibly T-Mo getting bought out by Google or Apple?

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                                  Lucretia W - any status updates re the Text Message Failed Send issue.

                                  My phone has done it intermittently since I got it +/- 4 months agos.

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                                    Samsung is aware of this problem and says they are working on it..LOL..It's Gingerbread..Try shorter messages. My son has the same phone without Gingerbread and does not have this problem..What a joke

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