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    Virus on my phone...

      i am getting a "virus detected" message on my phone.  can an android phone get a virus?  i have been getting mixed answers.  if yes, what is the best anti-virus for androids?

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          Where are you getting this virus detected message? If it's in an ad space in an app, then it's lying. It's probably lying anywhere you see it. There really aren't "viruses" for Android. There is malware out there, but that's in bad apps, usually downloaded from shady third-party app stores out of China and Russia. If you really want an antivirus app, Lookout comes preloaded on the phone. Open it and make an account. But as long as you are careful and smart about what you install on your phone, it's not really necessary.

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            I get it  from an app. There is a scan button with the message. I clicked it but did not download anything. Could I have infected my phone with something?

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              Take a screenshot.  Do this by touching the "home" button and then pressing the "power" button at the same time.  Do it quickly before the "recent apps" window comes up when holding the "home" button.  There are probably better ways to explain it:


              1. press and hold "home"

              2. quickly press "power"


              After that, post it here or somewhere we can see it.  I've never seen a real virus or malware alert on Android.


              But to be clear, if it's a computer, it can get malware.  After all, it's just a program which does things you don't want done.  Now some feel the manner of entry makes all the difference... like "trojan horse" meaning a program representing itself as another thing when it is really malware.  Worms and viruses do things by exploiting and hiding and lots of really tricky things.  And if you didn't already know, your phone is a Linux computer... and a really popular computer and OS at that.  In fact, it's a rather attractive target for the following reasons:


              1. Extremely popular and pervasive

              2. Almost NEVER patched and therefore exploits remain available for a LONG time

              3. User demographic is not generally aware of threats and typically believe there are no viruses "because it's Linux."

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                Here's some more helpful info (a quick google search yielded some helful results!):








                The first one deals with 13 applications that contain a "virus" that collects and transmits data.  The second article deals with ways to stop these applications.  It's almost definitely just an application itself spamming you.  Like jaylanphnx said, Lookout is great and it's pre-installed on your phone; it's very resourceful and can even remotely wipe your phone if it's stolen.


                If you don't know what's happening on your phone, wipe it by performing a factory reset and then judiciously reload your apps - keeping an eye on "permissions" - remember, games shouldn't need access to all your personal information!

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                  I opened the apps where I was getting the message but it has not shown up again.  So I cannot paste a screenshot as of the moment.  I will as soon as I get the message again.

                  I did not download any of the 13 apps on the list.

                  I downloaded AirPush Detector and Addons Detector as per the link from unclespoon's reply.  I ran both and no addons were detected.

                  How do I run Lookout on my phone?


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                    i tried to attach the screenprint of the message but the system saying i am not authorized

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                      You'll have to upload it to an image hosting site like photobucket or flickr and post a link for us.


                      To get lookout up and running, just open your app drawer and hit the lookout icon.  It'll ask you to register if you haven't before.

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                        link to the screen print


                        then i clicked the remove button (not "scan" as i previously said).  but when i realized it was selling me something i just closed it.

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                          Just ignore that.

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                            Thanks for providing the image.  I am attempting to link to it directly to show it here.


                            That is indeed an interesting thing.  It looks like it's adware/scareware of some kind.  It certainly doesn't look like anything I have ever seen before.

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                              Can Lookout get rid of it?

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                                that's an ad.  just ignore it.


                                if you click on it, it may want to download an app.  as long as you have the option to not install apps from untrusted sources, you should be fine. if you did click on it, you'd get a warning to uncheck this option.  then you'd have to accept the permissions to install the app.


                                Edit - to get rid of it, buy the paid version of Angry Birds and you wont have any ads

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                                  Ads are really becoming a problem on Android.  They don't do a good job of targetting "appropriate" demographics and they certainly don't do much to disallow inappropriate types of ads.  Scareware ads are DEFINITELY inappropriate under the laws of most nations as they are highly deceptive. 


                                  Additionally, playing "Stupid Zombies" I encountered sexually oriented ads pushing "chat services."  I can't speak for others, but I lend my phone to my kids when they are bored and I'm not good with some of these ads... actually, I use my kids as an excuse.  *I* am not good with some of these ads personally.  They are offensive.  There are simply some ads that go too far.


                                  Personally, I advocate ad blocking.  If they made ads more tasteful, respectful and appropriate, I'd be okay with it.  But advertisers routinely show extreme disrespect to viewers and listeners in ways that ultimately require "authorities" to step in to limit them.  (Take for example recent action which require TV stations to limit the sound levels of TV commercials whose volume blasts while the audio level of the main content is really low.)  Things that flash, use obnoxious colors, overtake the screen... they all need to go away.  I'm thankful ads on Android apps don't yet have sound...

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                                    I don't advocate ad blocking, because you're hurting the app developer, who doesn't get to choose what ads show up on your phone. As previously suggested, buy the paid version (if there is one) to avoid ads.

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