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    Running programs and services

      I have programs running in the background that I want to permanently shut off. Out of curiosity, I started “Social Hub” and immediately cancelled it. Now my “running programs” show battery use of over 50% for IMS services. Social Hub is shown as running as well.


      I tried shutting these down numerous time, but it does not appear to make any difference even though the “Stop” button was pressed. On reboot, IMS services and Social Hub return to active status every time.


      I am perplexed that these activities cannot be stopped permanently, since I have no desire to use any of them. I have also found some sort of “Buddy” app running in the background.


      I’d appreciate any help in shutting these off permanently.

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          These apps should be sitting in memory, but not using any battery.

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            Shutting them down will do you no good - as jaylanphnx said the processes are open but they are not using up any resources until they need to; Android just opens the process so it can access it faster if it needs to, and if it needs to close the process to open up more available resources for something else it will. If you go into task manager and close everything, 98% of what you closed will open back up - that's why auto task killers don't work and essentially just use more resources than they save. 

            Essentially it has to do with how the Android OS works - services, process, tasks, everything. 

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              Thanks, on the Android GSII forum, I was advised the only way to fix this is to root my phone but that's not going to happen. I understand that many wish to root their phone, I do not. While I am technically able to do that, it is not an avenue I wish to take. Just now, looking at settings to see what has been using my battery, I see IMS Services is at 32%. That, in and of itself, makes no sense to me since I am not and have not been using ANY IMS program. I just thought there should be a way to fix these things, but apparently there is not. Thanks to both of you for addressing the matter in a way that makes sense to me. In essence, I can't do anything about it so I'll learn to live with it. I had already read up on task killers and knew of their being pretty much useless.

              Thanks again.

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                IMS I believe is wifi calling, so if wifi calling is on that would explain it.  Rooting your phone will only really allow you to freeze/uninstall apps you weren't able to before as far as your question is concerned; you can't change the way the OS loads apps, although maybe some kernel customizations can change those settings - I'm not 100% sure. 

                Honestly I would ignore what apps are using which % of battery unless your battery performance is poor.  Wifi calling has known to be a bit of a battery hog, so try turning it off for a day (if you can afford to) and see if battery life improves!

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                  If you go into Settings-->Applications-->Manage applications and do a clear data on the apps you don't want to run, they should no longer take up any CPU cycles.  If they're not configured, they cannot run.


                  You can turn off WiFi calling (as uncle spoon suggested that's probably what IMS is) in the settings as well if you do not use it.  Menu-->Settings-->Wireless and network-->Wi-Fi Calling (uncheck)


                  But, as both have said, just because a program is "in memory" doesn't mean it's "running" and "taking up CPU Cycles and/or battery life." -- killing them will just load things back into memory and draining your battery more.  That is why task killers are bad.  It becomes this endless cycle of unload & load.