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    Default ringtone question

      I have downloaded a particular ringtone that I would like to use as my default ringtone for all calls.  Is there any way to do this?

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          Which application did you use to download the ringtone?  I use zedge, and when I click to change my ringtone in settings > sounds > ringtones, it shows all the zedge files.  You may want to create a ringtones folder on your phone and store the files in there. 

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            you should be able to go into settings and change the Sound options Phone Ringtone to make it default. that's if it shows up on the list of tones you have. sometimes downloaded ringtones don't show for whatever reason .. but if it's there, just select it under your Sound options for ringtones.

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              I used zedge, also.  I don't see anywhere under ringtones to set default except those that come with the phone.

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                From your home screen hit menu > settings > sounds > scroll down to default ringtone > choose android system, not zedge > when I do this, my zedge ringtones show up.  Are you sure you saved them on your phone and didn't just listen to them in zedge?  Cause I made that mistake the first time.  Try rebooting your device, that might help reset things.

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                  I do not have "default ringtone" as an option. I only have "Phone ringtone", when I tap that, I get a list of all ringtones that originally came on the phone.  There is no option for "choose android system".  Any other suggestions?  And by "rebooting" do you mean turning phone off then back on?

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                    "Phone ringtone" is the default setting.  if your downloaded ringtone isn't there then you'll have to go to your media room/player to play the ringtone (sometimes it gets stored as a music track) .. once you play it then pause, hit the menu button and choose "set as ringtone".