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    The worst phone I've ever owned and customer service isn't much better

      Let me start out by saying that I've been a tmobile customer for seven years and aside from my mothly bill at $150 a month, I have spent thousands of dollars on new phones.


      My problem first started shortly after I bought my G2. I turned itself off, would randomly not ring, you name it. I called customer service and they told me to factory reset it and wait to see if that worked. It didn't. Then a few weeks later, I couldn't use it for anything for longer than a couple minutes or it would turn itself off and continue to try to turn itself on for as many times as I would let it until I removed the battery. So again, I called tmobile and they told me it was the battery. They gave me the name of a website to order the battery from and I did. I recieved the new battery and guess what? That wasn't the problem either. Well, now my one year warranty had expired so I'm stuck with a phone that doesn't work at all.


      So, I go into the tmobile store and check out this Sidekick 4G. I had a sidekick a long time ago and it was my favorite phone - although tmobile did have to replace it twice due to faulty software. Anyway, the salesperson tells me to try it and if I don't like it, I have 30 days to exchange it for something else. Well after a few hours I could tell that this phone was junk. So the next day I go into the store to exchange it for something else and all of a sudden they want a $50 restocking fee that no one told me about the day prior. Of course I can't speak to a manager because they're all at some kid of training for the day. They told me to come in the next day to speak with one. Because obviously I don't have anything to do for 3 days other than hang out in a tmobile store. This is when I should have returned the phone, cancelled my service, and moved on from tmobile. But no, I still tried to have faith. I decided to try to make it work with this junky phone!


      Today I go to pay my bill online and see that it's $42 higher than usual. So I call customer service and because I forgot to pay my bill last month and it was disconnected for 5 whole minutes, they're charging me $20 per line to restore it and then some tax on top of that. I get some customer service agent with an attitude who then transfers me to someone else that isn't much better. At this point I'm ready to pay the $400 and get rid of my contract all together to make sure tmobile doesn't get another dime out of me. I repeatedly ask this person what I need to do to make that happen, so I need to go into a store? This person is so busy "trying to meet me in the middle" and taking one of the fees off that he cannot answer my question. I ask it three times before I get an answer! Then he goes on to asking me why I forgot to pay my bill, what was going on in my life, etc. I got so fed up that I told him he can keep his $20 on there and hung up.


      In the past year I have paid tmobile over $2,000 for service and phones, multiple that by the 7 years and it's $14,000. These people can't waive a restore fee for me? The first one I've ever gotten? I will be getting rid of tmobile as fast as I can and I suggest all of you do the same!