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    Call Audio not working with Samsung OEM Car Dock

      I have a white Samsung Galaxy S II (T989) and the Samsung OEM Navigation Vehicle Dock.


      When docked, I get media (music and videos) through the car speakers as intended.  However, when I try to make a call or a call comes in, the Call Audio comes out only from the phone speakers and NOT the car speakers.  In Dock Settings, I have the Audio output mode radio button checked.  (I also tried without it being checked)  This is very frustrating and I spent the $49.99 at T-Mobile Store. 


      I have the newest update stock firmware available:


      Android version:  2.3.6

      Baseband version:  T989UVKL1

      Kernel version:

      Build number: GINGERBREAD.UVKL1


      Please let me know what I am doing wrong or how I can remedy this.  Thanks in advance for the consideration.