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    Battery wont charge

      Is anyone else having problems with there battery not charging? I dont know why its not charging, it just started for me.

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          While not specifically with the Radar, I've encountered problems charging some phones on some computers because of variance in the current available over the USB port. Are you charging with the wall charger or with the computer? Also are you using the original cable that came with the phone?

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            im using both and im not using the original anymore cuz it is messed up and i have to wrap the cord around the phone for it to work. i had to start using my car charger in the house for it to charge.

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              Hey Boonesfarmgurl,


              I am sorry it is not charging.  So take me through how you charge it.  The original charger is not working or messed up.  The usb is not working correctly but you can charge with a car charger?

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                you probably have a faulty charger. You should go to the t-mobile store and try it out with HTC radar charger and if it does not charge then call them and exchange the phone if you are under the warranty period or have extended warranty

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                  well i went to the store about it and none of their chargers would work either, so they jsut sent me  a new phone. then after i get it the chargers still dont work but my hubbys works on mine so i im going to tmobile and having them give me a new one that works