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Lumia 710 is a joke.

I have been a t-mobile customer since 2001. I have upgraded phones in the past. Seeing that I am retired, I decided to shoot for the moon.I had the basic plan given by T-Mobile. I upgraded my old phone to the Windows 7 phone, Nolika Lumina 710. What a mistake that was. Seeing that my previous phone used a sim card to store phone contacts, I figured I could transfer them to the Lumia. Not so fast, Bedford. The T-Mobile store in White Plains NY, tried to do it with a machine and then said, "the Lumia uses a micro something card, so it won't allow the data to be transfered. Noika's manual should be re-written....The total layout of the phone is confusing. I don't have a clue as to where the phone contacts are stored. If I could, I would pay the penalty charge and get out of my T-Mobile contract. The Lumia to me is disaster.

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    The contacts for WP7 are under the People hub.  Did you try the "Contacts Transfer" app?

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    It's really not that hard.  Slide the screen to the right.  Click on Contacts transfer.  It will walk you through transferring you contacts via bluetooth, as long as your phone isn't a dinosaur and has bluetooth. 

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    Thank you for your reply. I tried all that you and willyk mentioned. After I spoke to a T Mobile tech advisor, he too mentioned that NOIKA hasn't created a way to transfer contacts as their manual states. The sim card in my previous phone has my contacts stored there. The Lumia doesn't contain contacts on its sim card, but stores them on the phone itself. The micro processor with the Lumia isn't compatable with my motorola bluetooth  capable razor phone. All of my contacts will have to be entered manually.

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    Thank you, Please see the reply that I made above this post.

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    Well, that certainly does suck, hopefully you didn't have too many contacts stored on your previous phone.  You could go online and login to your windows live account and setup the contacts from a computer.  That would be faster than entering them via the phone.

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    please don't beat me up if ya already answered it..but let me get this straight..i have an nokia astound and i won't be able to transfer my contacts to the lumia??? what about pictures that are on the memory card???eeek im confused

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    Hey chris, I have personally transferred 200+ contacts from an Astound to a Lumia using the Contacts Transfer app that is loaded on the Lumia, it works great.  It transfers them via bluetooth and if yours are currently stored on the phone memory on your Astound, then you should have no problems.  Here is how that process works: http://support.t-mobile.com/docs/DOC-3033


    If your contacts are not stored on the phone memory and instead are stored somewhere else (saved in a gmail/yahoo/hotmail account, exchange email, etc) then it's even easier.  You just sign into that account on the Lumia, and those contacts will all synchronize under the 'People' tile on the phone. 


    In terms of your photos, phones that use the Windows Phone operating system will use Zune software to get media (photos, video, music) on to the phone itself, and that process is not difficult either. 

    If you have photos currently saved on a memory card, all you need to do is use a usb cable to transfer those photos to a folder on your PC, then install Zune on that same PC.  Once you connect a Nokia Lumia (or any other Windows Phone) to that PC and start up Zune, Zune will detect and recognize the phone, and ask you what you want to synchronize with the phone memory (photos, music, etc).  Here is how that works: http://support.t-mobile.com/docs/DOC-2167


    Hope this helps!

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    FYI, it's a Lumia not a Lumina, it's a Windows Phone, not an Android phone, so of course the layout is different, if you need to transfer your contacts, you can do it in under a minute via blue tooth, you just need your old sim in your old device and the nokia will walk you through the blue tooth transfer. You can also do it using your windows live account and pulling down your contacts from the TMobile website, or by using Zune.


    The people at the TMobile stores should be better equiped to help people with these situations but the Lumia is an awesome phone if you know how to use it.