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    Yahoo email notification stopped

      Sometime overnight I stopped receiving Yahoo email notifications.  I have the Yahoo app installed.  I was getting push notifications.  Now, when I open the application I seen my emails there, but no notification on the top bar.  I checked settings and I have them set for notfication. 


      Anyone else having a problem?

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          try clearing the cache of the yahoo mail app.  and/or, remove the account and add it again.

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            Have you tried the Yahoo account ability of the built-in Android mail client? You can configure notifications individually for each account you configure in Mail, as well as sync frequency.


            My two cents:  Seems like every company out there has their own app that they want you to download. Our phones only have so much room for installing apps, so why duplicate capabilities and use up space? Also, not every company has the same level of developing expertise and resources, so one company's app may be superb, and another's just fails in so many ways it's painful to watch. It's frankly annoying that so many companies want to make a mobile app, when they could just make their web sites work smoothly for mobile browsers using existing web management staff.  ... Yahoo! ... has been in a steady decline for years, many things about the core Yahoo! user experience are 5+ years out of date ... I wouldn't put much trust in their mobile app developers. I tried the Flickr mobile app and thought, where's the beef? If you continue having trouble, I'd just uninstall their app and see if the stock Mail app suffices. Remember, Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) is coming for our Amaze in the next few months, and the Mail app has many improvements.

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              while I agree with what you are saying - that you should only need 1 email app for all your mail accounts, but the default email app is not that.  There has always been problems with the default email app - especially with yahoo mail (probably yahoo's fault for using non standard options).  ICS will not change that.  it may fix some issues, but there will be new ones as well.  If you are going to use one client, I'd suggest K-9 mail which works with more accounts (imap/pop), has more options and better support/updates.  And if you are going down the road of only one stock email app, then you should use the gmail app instead and have gmail fetch all your other pop/imap mail

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                Good, clever idea. Utilize Gmail to concatenate other mail accounts. I ... could actually do that on my domain, except that I'm using the stock client via IMAP to actually delete mail on my mail server (separate domain). Unless Yahoo has changed (they seem to be stuck in 2002), you can't access via POP unless you pony up $20 a year.


                But ... the HTC Mail widgets are pretty handy for viewing all the mailboxes, or a single one (I have a Scene that has the widget on each of the 7 screens, checking individual mailboxes). The widgets for Gmail are lacking (I think just one that shows message count, iirc).


                Does K-9 have handy widgets?




                But I stand by my initial recommendation. Try the stock app. I'm getting notifications of mail to my Yahoo! mail account just fine. And the stock Mail app's notifications options, configurable for each account, are acceptable.

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                  while Yahoo Plus does give you pop3 access (why would you want pop?), you can still use the IMAP server which is better anyway.  Being a paid mail account, you don't get the ads - which is the biggest draw for me.


                  Gmail does have a widget to view your inbox.  K-9 does not have a native widget, but there are some other widget apps in the market which connect to k-9 mail (since it's opensource).  But with good notifications, I find I don't need a home page widget with k-9.  when new mail comes in, I can see the sender & subject in the notification bar, and if I have multiple new messages, the icon tells me how many.  I'd rather have reliable app than a widget.  but go with whatever works

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                    Yahoo offers IMAP4? That's news to me. I know Zimbra does (Yahoo bought Zimbra a few years ago, some of that code is evident in Yahoo Mail).


                    Gmail has a widget to show Gmail? Where is it? I can only see the "Message count" widget.

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                      ah yes, my bad.  the gmail widget is for honeycomb tablets not GB phones.


                      free yahoo mail has always had IMAP servers (imap.mail.yahoo.com).  Yahoo does not own Zimbra anymore as it was sold to VMWare and is available with the ZPL.