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    Visual Voicemail Issues

      All of a sudden I have been getting an "Unexpected Error" when I try to open up my Visual Voicemail.  Tried all of the usual, Restart, Reset....etc.  Anyone know how to fix this issue?

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          Thanks...bit that didn't work.....

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            you'll have to call TMO support ... it happened on mine when i upgraded .. somehow the VVM on the account got removed and i have to "officially" enable it again by calling.

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              I have a mytouch 4G and have had visual voicemail problems since getting the phone in july 2011. I have tried everything Tmobile has asked me to do and have had everything reset, factory reset, and redownloaded hundreds of times to no avail. The last person I spoke to in customer loyalty told me to deal with it and that an issue like this is not grounds for waiving the early termination fee. He also told me that since it was a free service offered that i had to deal with it because it was probably never going to get fixed. Nice right?

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                amazing what a contract causes, eh?

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                  SO i have had a problem with my voice mail since around the same time. I think the problem is something to do with T-mobile new voice mail system not sycne correctly. I have fixed it by clearing the data and force stop in app in the app managment in setting.

                  Hope that works for you too.

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                    I have same thing. So I give up and I start use "google voice" and it work great. Problem solved.

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                      There's an app on Play Shop (market) that is an additional VVM app. When I was having issues, the CSR told me to install that.


                      He considered the problem solved. I told him adding another forced app, using valuable resources, wasn't a solution. It was a workaround at best.


                      But you may want to search the market for T-Mobile Visual Voicemail, and try the app that comes up.


                      (Had my handset war replaced since the problem, and the new one has no issues with VVM at all, except when I got some kind of problem with memory leaks in the phone, fixed by a factory reset.)


                      It is getting abursd, tho, how one sided the "contract" with T-Mobile is. Miss a payment, they will shut you off. But lose a contracted service,  no matter what the price (free for VVM, much more for actual ability to connect to a T-Mobile tower if you move, for example) and it's "oh well, you're stuck."


                      I always thought that contracts had to have benefits for both sides. *shrug*