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Anker Extended Battery for HTC Sensation Study...The Results


Ok so to begin, i just want to say that over the past couple weeks i have been keeping records of my battery life after purchasing the Anker 1900mah extended battery for the sensation.


Heres are my records.


(Also just to note the notation, when i say 12:13:14, that means, 12 hours 13 minutes and 14 seconds)

(Also the day began with the phone at 100% charge, coming right off the charger, and then i restarted the phone so the phones internal clock of uptime and awake time reset to 0:00:00.  The study times ended when i went to bed, thats when recorded down the data)



Before using the Anker battery, here are my records of battery life using the regular HTC stock battery:


Up time     Awake Time     % remaining

11:26:00     3:37:00               12%

10:47:00     2:50:51               14%

11:56:00     3:42:00               14%



Now these results are from using the Anker 1900mah battery (notice the drastic increase in battery % remaining as well as up time) Also to note this, the awake time has also drastically increased at times because being I had a better battery, I was actually able to use the phone much more throughout the day.


Up time     Awake Time     % remaining

11:07:00     5:20:00               16%

13:57:00     2:14:00               55%

14:07:00     5:10:00               5%

16:29:00     4:26:00               39%

15:12:00     4:22:00               21%

27:17:00     4:29:00               16% (look at this result, went a full 24+ hours without charging and used the phone for 4 1/2 total hours and                                                        still it has 16% remaining. wasnt able to sleep much this day, hit the clubs of NYC that night.  haha)

10:00:00     3:12:00               35%

14:13:00     4:18:00               17%

15:18:00     3:30:00               42%

15:43:00     2:54:00               56%

16:34:00     4:59:00               23%

15:14:00     3:47:00               18%

16:10:00     2:00:00               61%

14:52:00     4:46:00               19%

16:35:00     2:45:00               41%

14:46:00     5:17:00               17%



So ill keep this conclusion short and sweet.  This battery drastically increased the battery life on my sensation, and i encourage all of you to buy it so we no longer have to hear people complain about the bad battery life this phone has.  For $15 i bought this battery, and it was a great investment.


So for those of you that do not have an extended battery here is the link that i bought it from.  Go ahead and buy one for yourself!



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