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First, I am surrounded by three cell phone towers.


With that in mind I should have supersonic speeds with great connection in Alachua County but I have  poor to very poor connection and for paying 30 dollars for 1GB is overpriced, for 30 dollars you should get at least 3GB. Should I stick with Tmobile when I would be paying 60 a month to get online when I could get 10x the speed for the same amount through AT&T ADSL home service. In a couple of weeks I will see if I stay with Tmobile or go to another ISP.

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    Today the speed was even slower then it was in previous days, so slow I could not even pull up web pages. With each Generation we are suppose to be going faster not slower and as far as I know Europe does not have this problem at cheaper rates. In America we have high rates but slower service. My 1GB of Data is almost useed up and not even one month went by, it is sad that I spent basically 100 dollars for speeds slower than the 3rd generation.

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    Leave T-Mobile go with AT&T and save your self the aggravation and lousy service! I just cancelled mine and switching to AT&T.

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    Surrounded by 3 towers is not goo, your modem comes equiped with an omni antenna which could mean you can get prone results when connecting online because the modem might be switching towers, to avoid this you need to try to single out a tower.  Look into getting a yagi directional antenna



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    It is mobile broadband, a USB Laptop stick, so changing Antennas is not an option and the towers are located at each end of the county, T-mobile always had poor service in Florida some parts even with one cell phone tower next to you no service. This was the only one in stock and I had to get online without signing any contracts.


    I probably will go with AT&T because 19.95 a month I still get faster service compared to 60 plus dollars a month and slower service.

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    When I look at Alachua in the T-Mobile coverage map it looks to be mostly 2G coverage.




    It looks like T-Mobile may not be the best option in your area.

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    T - mobile will loose another long term customer because look at this:

    $30.00 2/22/2012 11:47:12 PM
    $30.00 2/15/2012 11:33:21 AM

    In less than a month I have spent $60 on refilll cards and if I want to get online again then I have to spend $30 more dollars that is $90 in one month time T-mobile is not only a big disappointment but overpriced.

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    The $30 Monthly 4G passes you are buying allow 1GB of data. The $50 pass provides 3GB of data. This would be a much better option for you as it would have been $10 less and given you an extra 1GB of data.


    On the contract side of things (which I would be hesitant to recommend considering the coverage concerns) that same $50 (est) would get you a 5GB/month rate plan that wouldn't cut off completely, it would slow to 2G speeds once the 5GB was up.


    Here is a link to both the post paid and Monthly 4G rate plans:




    Here is information on the data speed reduction I mentioned:



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    I can't afford $50 dollars a month but still with the data manipulation from T-Mobile I would be paying $100 a month for me I would have to get the 10G 4G plan which is $80 (rounding up) of which I can't afford. Only reason I am accusing them of Data manipulation is because I have not downloaded anything and everything I do is in browser, from reading emails to any game playing.


    I had the T-mobile 5G Flex pay plan within 15 days my speed dropped to speeds less than a 56k modem how do I know I have software monitoring the speed of my connection running.


    I have decided to go with AT&T $24.95 a month plan which does not limit you how much data you can use per month and slows you down.


    Either T-Mobile gets rid of the Data usage kind of plans or they will loose a lot more customers because no one likes spending $100 dollars a month and no one likes it when the speed just drops to  point where the web page does not even come up.


    There plans should be based on speeds not data usage because data usage can be manipulated last night I paid $10 for 100mb checked my email read some news and played galaxy legion online an I used according to T-mobile 99.3mb of data. I just checked it again just by being on this forum for the past hour it shows I just used .6mb of data so I am at 99.9mb of data usage, that is sad, no data is downloaded I did not upload anything and already 100mb of data used up.

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    I purchased another 100mb and the only thing I downloaded was 16.3mb new firefox browser then I was told I used 88.3mb so tell me that there is not Data manipulation going on with T-Mobile and it is illegal. I can't get online now because I have no money left. I am done with this company because they should not be this corrupt and greedy. More people will follow and you will loose more customers. $90 wasted for less than a month of service.

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