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    My Exhibit 2 locks up daily.  What to do?

      My husband and I got these phones in December.  Mine locks up daily and I have to hold the power button until it reboots.  Occasionally, I go to make a call and no sound whatsoever.  Also, there's been a couple of times now that when I reboot the phone, an alert goes off, over and over and over.  This is my first smart phone.  I need to know if there's a software upgrade that I need to fix this or do I have a defective phone.  My husband's locks up, too and he can't get his bluetooth to work on his, even though it recognizes it.

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          Lockups in Android are not completely uncommon, and in all honesty, Samsung devices have far from the best track record in this department. The Galaxy line solved many of the issues that plagued phones like the Moment and Intercept in the past.


          The first question is if you have any additional apps installed. If you do, and they run in the background and crash, this can cause the random lockups. If you are able to hold the power button and restart the phone, it hasn't actually frozen, its just become unresponsive.


          If you purchased in December, your device should be running Android 2.3.5. You can check this by pressing Menu - Settings - About Phone - Android Version. You should be running build ending in CL625406. This is the most current software available.


          Now comes an additional problem... Do you have good coverage? If not, the device might be locking up on you because of the poor signal. This can also create the nasty message failed issue. Wi-Fi calling can help in poor areas, but its not a solution to those "bad areas" of tiwn


          Let's get started troubleshooting your device by looking at the Apps you've installed and see if we can find a solution with those.

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            Sorry to tell you but Tech Support says this screen freezing is part of the 'known issues' with the device.  Ive had it since November 2011 - gone through more than half a dozen factory resets, two manufacture repairs, and two different devices- and the problem continues to happen every single day.  Rep after rep just told me it was one of the known issues with the device- screen freezing and power cycling - and 'theres nothing we can do.'


            Some reps said they were working with Samsung on a fix, but not a single person at Samsung knew anything about this...


            Others have told me its just a crappy phone with a poor processor. 


            Its probably not an app issue cuz ive done every single troubleshooting step known to man and the problem keeps happening.  Its the phone.  I havent been able to go through a single 24-hour period where the screen hasnt frozen and Ive had to restart it - and then pray it doesnt start power cycling.  Whether you have 1 app or 100 apps...as Ive only downloaded most popular, well -reviewed apps - even tried task killers- but it still happens daily.


            Waazzuppp knows what he's talking about so you can try his suggestions, but from my personal experience, my conversations with other customers, and numerous phone calls and emails to tech support, I can tell you they have repeatedly told me - in writing - this is a KNOWN ISSUE of the device and THERES NOTHING WE CAN DO...(except continue selling this phone to people without telling them about these issues)


            Basically, if you want to try to avoid the problem, dont use the 'smart' part of your 'smartphone - Not meaning to be cute- thats what I was told.  Otherwise, TMobile's stance is 'youre on your own' - and if you dont like it, go find another carrier - which many customers are doing.

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              I still don't understand how you are the only one that the reps are telling, that the phone is NG. Maybe your rep doesn't know what they are talking about, or you are making up stuff, or your phone is defective. To keep posting that this phone is NG, when almost everyone seems to like the phone, makes you look like a Troll, just trying to stir the pot at every chance you get, frankly. 

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                You can call me whatever names you want. It hasnt been one rep who has confirmed this BUT MULTIPLE REPS, INCL over 5 TechSupport...and its been via phone, in writing via email, on this forum, in live chat on website, and via Twitter tmobilehelp account.  (Im not allowed to post employee names). I have it in writing, and even had reps who told me they had the same exact problems. Im just trying to help others & prevent them from gping thru what Ive gone through. Ive also tested 2 separate handsets & both had same issues. Maybe theres a % that are f-ed up; I dont know. Just stating the facts based on my experience & what Tmobile employee after employee has repeatedly told me. Cant help it if you dont like facts. I have no agenda. To this day, all the problems continue & Tmos response remains the same: "These are known issues with this device and theres nothing we can do."

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                  For the record, just checked some of my notes


                  In addition to tech support phone call with Eric just last week who told me these are known device issues, and he had these exact same problems and gave the phone up - that is the only thing that will solve the problem, he said.


                  There was Jan 25 tweet from ^MG "We're sorry this is a known device issue. Samsung and Tmobile continue to work together to provide a resolution"  On Jan 23 CG said 'permanent solution pending...Samsung and Tmobile are working to correct"


                  On Jan 12, MG also wrote on Twitter  "We're very sorry. As of right now it is a known issue, we are working to get this fixed ASAP. ^MG   "Samsung and Tmobile continue to work together to investigate the issue and provide a resolution" (Yes I do realize the irony that these employees dont realize they keep re-tweeeting the same responses but Twitter Support Team seems to have a real problem with keeping track of their responses.   Also whomever they are dealing with Samsung doesnt seem to communicate with Samsung TechSupport or ECR because they blame everything on Tmobile and say they have no idea what Tmobile reps are talking about)



                  In an email reply, Ian wrote "That is a huge problem and T-mobile is working with Samsung to ensure the issue gets resolved as quickly as possible"


                  This post will get deleted but I could go on and on and on...Ive been dealing with this since November 2011 and the first week I got the phone.


                  The irony is then the reps always say (and theyre obviously trained with these pre-canned comments which makes it slightly amusing) -"We're sorry you're not satisfied with our resolution" (even though they havent provided one) and then "Contract expiring is a great time to upgrade to a  new device" -- Well my new device doesn't work - and you admit it has issues so I have no faith that another device wont have simiar issues.

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                    Ok, let's clarify something here... There ARE known issues with the Exhibit II 4G. It is not a fatally flawed device though, every Android device has some known issues - regardless of what anyone thinks or says.


                    Now, the where I question things is when a sales rep, says something like "The device doesn't work" or "Yeah, it's a bad device that should be recalled". These are the things that sales reps will NEVER say, because it will get them fired. If you don't like the device or if it's not working, sell it for a $25 loss and move to a new one. You have multiple options for staying on a Smartphone, including buying a new Lumia 710 for $350 if you want. If you are a post paid subscriber, I would demand a fix, or a non-contract renewal at a huge discount.


                    Now as far as the screen freezing issue or the 'poor processor' problem, that's simply not true. The lag in the device is caused by a lack of physical memory for apps to run in. This can even be the bloatware that is preinstalled. When updating T-Mobile TV the requirement for memory went from 12MB to 17MB. Now multiply this by 5 apps when we only have 100MB of available RAM, and you have instant problems with the device lagging and locking up due to insufficient memory. The processor in the Exhibit II is basically the same beast that was placed in the HTC Evo 4G for Sprint in 2010. It's not new, but it is certainly powerful enough to run the basics of an Android phone.


                    My advice to you at this point, root the beast, freeze all the T-Mobile apps you don't use with Titanium Backup or MyBackup Pro, and find a good home screen replacement program (Go Launcher has gotten some amazing reviews)...


                    You will quickly see that if you free up system memory, switch to Google Voice for your SMS needs (although I don't have a positive feedback on this one, many report that switching from the stock message program to GoSMS fixes the failed message issues?) and install GrooveIP or Skype (with the unlimited North American plan for $2.99 a month and a $6.00 incoming Skype number for people to call) you will see the Exhibit II really does a fantastic job.


                    I can also confirm that the SMS issue is completely a T-Mobile thing as I have been testing Red Pocket Mobile (runs through AT&T) on my unlocked Exhibit without any failed messages or issues. Too bad I only get 2G data with AT&T services though, it might be worth the switch if it was 3G...

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                      Ive been postpaid for as long as Ive had a cellphone and let contract lapse. The terrible custserv + reps telling me to find another carrier or hanging up on me doesnt really encourage me to sign another contract. You shouldnt have to root a phone -which they dont recommend- to get a phone to work. Yes I can sell it & move to another carrier. And will. As longtime customer, I expected more..and also want to open mngts eyes to what customers are enduring & why churn is not all due to the iphone. And whether postpaid or prepaid, it all hurts your brand image & has longterm consequences. Alot easier to keep your longterm loyal customrs than find new ones. My experiences w/Tmob reps is not unique. I hate to be the ecr rep going for a new job and employer googles his name & sees he tells customers to go to competitors. I know 1 customer doesnt matter to them in long run. Its just symbolic of companys problems..and as someone whos worked in PR for MAJOR global brands, I just find the behavior puzzling to say the least

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                        I'm sorry, but if they're telling you to go elsewhere or hanging up on you, that says a lot about the situation, i.e. they're sick of dealing with you.


                        Of course THEY don't recommend that you root the phone- they WANT to keep admin rights on the phone. I have a tablet that I have admin rights on and it's absolutely amazing what I can do without being hampered by all this stuff. The issue with all providers and these phones is that they lock up admin rights and put all this bloatware **** on it. They don't want you taking it off because their apps = exposure/more potential profit, should the customer choose to use that service.


                        That said, it seriously messes up the phones because they lock it down and load it up with THEIR bloatware. You see the same idea when you buy a computer from a certain brand. They put all their **** on there, and it slows the computer down. What do you do? Go in and delete all that junk to make the computer faster. Can we do it on phones? Nope. They lock them down and we're not able to.


                        Rooting simply gives you the capability to get rid of the **** that clogs up your phone. They don't recommend it because one, it voids warranty, and two, companies simply just do not want to give users that much access because it means not using THEIR apps. Not using THEIR apps means losing money. Ohnoes! It's just how it's been going in the mobile market lately, unfortunately.


                        You seem to live in a way too idealistic mindset as opposed to logical. I'm not saying all the wrongs are right, but if you worked for such MAJOR global brands, you'd understand the tactics used by these companies. Welcome to 2012.

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                          I just have to say as someone that has been on all 4 major carriers, used everything from Blackberry to Windows Mobile to Palm to iOS to Android, and is in one of the best coverage areas for all the major providers, all smartphones are flawed. They all have issues and they all have positivies.


                          Poor Sajam is just stuck with an underpowered device, probably in an area that isn't covered well with the 4G rollout (which the Exhibit II needs to work well) and has had completely **** advice from tech support and zero help from customer disservice... I would run to the hills as well. As a matter of fact, I ran from Sprint despite their best efforts to keep us as customers just because the coverage wasn't good where we moved. They tried everything, but if a phone doesn't work, it doesn't work.


                          I wish I could help more with the little nagging issues and make you as happy with your Exhibit as I am, but I think you're just ready to move on to bigger and better. Good Luck - and enjoy shopping... And for the record, check out Sprint and the iPhone 4s if you are leaning that way, the carrier was always good to me - and if they have a strong signal where you are - you can't beat them...

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                            For the record waazzuppp, Im in Atlanta GA and have never had problems with signals indoors or out of doors wherever Ive been (except the Grand Canyon)


                            And Ive tested 2 Samsung Exhibit IIs and both have had the exact same problems.


                            Dont get me started on the customer dissservice - Tmobile can blame the iphone all they want but this is costing them a lot of customers. 


                            I am very worried about trying Sprint.  I actually have a coupon code for $10 off a month on their unlimited plan...but Ive read so many customers complain about their network problems that Im terrified to get locked into their system.  Id probably wait for the iphone5.


                            Just wondering since you are the cell phone expert, what do you know about Straight Talks recent BYOP $45 unlimited promotion - They claim you can bring any ATT or Tmobile locked or unlocked phone, purchase a Straight Talk Sim and get unlimited everything for $45.  However their website does not state what data speeds youd get (is it 2G? 3G? 4G?) and Ive tried emailing them repeatedly and they dont answer that question - and I think thats a pretty important question because theres a big differnce between unilmited EDGE data at $45 and unlimiited Tmobile 4G data at $45 (compared to their prepaid plan of 2gb for $60 or 5gb for $70) .  The fact they wont give me a straight answer and speeds are not mentioned on their website raises a big red flag for me.


                            And you can correct me if Im wrong, but I thought I read the Exhibit2 does not take advantage of the HSPA+42 so the speeds are slower.  Every time Ive tested, Ive gotten from 1-3 mbps which seems like other networks 3G speeds.


                            Im not even responding to the other posters- yes mr captain - who are just into name calling...Call me a troll all you want - that says more about you than me.   Ive read several threads now of other Exhibit2 customers having the screen freezing problems and other issues so I know Im not the only one.  And whether theyre right or wrong, Ive had more than half dozen reps now tell me the phone has 'known issues' - whatever that means to anyone - including the freezing - and Ive got that in writing on three separate occasions.  So it is what it is.   Luckily, while Im still having daily freezing -and the occasional phone turning off mysteriously - I have not had the hours and hours of power cycling in weeks - but of course Ive probably just jinxed that.  But I still dont understand how with lite use, the phone cannot go without freezing for a 24 hours.

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                              when they say "it's a known issue" it's a euphemism for 'I can't/wont help you any more'.  A real 'known issue' effects a majority of the products/users, not just a few people.

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                                Any company I have ever worked for ( and I trained dozens of tech support people at these major electronic companies), telling a customer something like that ( this is a known issue)  would have been a firing offence. That is why this entire story sounds really fishy.  

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                                  agreed. I don't think it was the first thing said, ie: My phone freezes, CSR: that's a known issue with this phone. good bye.

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                                    You all can keep the name calling since it makes you so happy. The 'known issues' comment first came up on day 3 of ownership, and Ive already posted copies of emails & several Tweets where Tmob said 'known issues' - along with the employees' first names and or initials(which they use on tmobilehelp Twitter account). Ive also talked with other customers & Tmo employees who've had same problems. You represent whats wrong with Tmo & its lack of cust serv ...ignore problems,blame others, name call etc. Thats why people move to Apple;they take care of their customers & make sure their devices work. Even Google has pages of 'known issues' with their Google Play Store & Google Music.


                                    So keep puffing your chests with your name calling; at least waazzuuppp tries to help. The device has problems..it is what it is. Maybe it doesnt affect all of them but a certain % ...as the saying goes 'u cant handle the truth.'


                                    END O F STORY/LAST COMMENT.


                                    Have no reason to make things up as Ive been with Tmo ever since Ive had a cellphone

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