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    Just an update for everyone. I'm currently using the TouchMIUIwiz v2.0 ROM. And It's pretty good. Solved a lot of problems. The phone only tweaks out every so often. Happened once in the past 2 weeks of testing this ROM. So far the only other issue I have had is that the screen stopped working once for some reason..until i rebooted the phone.


    If tmobile screwed you over too and you're stuck with this phone I would definitely look up how to flash a custom rom. **BE WARNED IT WILL VOID WARRANTY TEMPORARILY** I say temporarily, because you can always flash the original Samsung ROM back on to it if you need to return it to tmobile.  Unless the phone is completely broken physically and bricked. Then, who'd even know?


    I've been with this company for nearly 8 years, it's absolutely appalling that this phone is such **** and they won't do anything about it


    But these ROMS work pretty great ;]


    Cheers everyone. Hope it works out for you all! Don't smash your screens because of the crappy software.

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    I tried that ROM and had some bad experiences with it.  Camera doesn't work, the phone was less stable with that than the stock KG2, etc.  Literally just flashed the Lean KG2 that's stock, rooted, witht eh Bali kernal for now.  I do realize it doesn't have any of the tweaks to solve the issues with it but it's a lot leaner than going back to stock.

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    I am currently running an Alpha cook (Beta after I am done) of one of the ROMs to see if my [Bounty] for a functional build on XDA is to be collected.  It apprears so.  AOSP TXTing app that you can see if it is a home number, cell, fax, etc you are trying to txt for that contact (the way all other 4 Android devices I have had my hands on worked pulling from google contacts correctly, and displaying as such).  He is trying to remove the blasted useless shade-lock-screen pre-Pattern-lock, get an AOSP dialer replacement for the TouchCrap, and get the calander working correclty (AOSP?).  It looks good, and I am looking to drop the bounty on him due to stability, and function (something that was apparently not tested for in some 3rd world county?).  The open source community is working harder than T-Mobile OR Samsung in this case, as T-Mobile/Samsung don't have knowledable people test for stability.  This thing has given me almost no grief during the week of so of testing, and I do it all on my devices...


    Soon, very soon you will all have a fix... thanks to this Ninja of Ninjas.


    *EDIT* apparently I have not checked in a while, but the RC is available, and the BETA was AWESOME & STABLE!!!:


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    Just talked to a supervisor through the chat service (again) that the 3rd replacement they sent me was also **** and had the same issues all the others had. After months of trying they finally offered me a different phone, the Sensation 4G as a replacement, thats sounds great but it doesn't have the main feature I want and paid for. I need a flip out keyboard. It also kinda ticked me off that they would be willing to give me probably the best phone they offer and most expensive instead of letting me choose a replacement of my own. If I pick something cheaper it only benefits them, right? less money they throw away, and it makes a 11+ year customer happy. They tried telling me if I want something else then i need to pay full price for it, so if you add up the cancelation fee, and the fee for a new phone for starting up with a new carrier it actually turns out cheaper for me to leave them, do they realize this?


    Just give me something I want, I am more than willing to pay the difference T-Mobile! I am not asking for much here, just a phone that well... makes calls actually...

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    I have had ZERO issues since installing this:



    AND T-Mobile support is apparently non-existent, but hundreds of people are there for support on XDA!

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    T-Mobile has finally found the issue and is creating another over the air update to fix the phone but there is no date confirmed as to when we will be recieving this update. Guess we'll have to hold on until then. If problems persist I'm attempting to trade this in for a MyTouch Slide even if I have to chip in the difference. -sigh-

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    The prior ROM post is ROCK SOLID.  One FC in the last week+!

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    Well after fighting with T-Mobile since I got the Sidekick at Easter, I am Happy to say that they have finally admitted that they have a crappy product. They offered me a HTY Sensation as a replacement and i got to say I love it. What a great phone. I was a bit concerend that it didn't have a slide out keyboard but I got to say that the on screen keyboard is very easy to use. So I am a happy T-Mobile camper again. It did take replacing the phne 3 times and on the 4th call they made me the offer. Something to keep in mind.



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    After fighting and fighting I was offered the HTC Sensation which I didn't want, I wanted the HTC MyTouch Slide 4G, The next person I talked to told me I couldn't be offered a different brand, and I had to fight with them to prove that I was offered a different brand already, after I prooved to them via faxing in the chat transcripts they then offered me something different, a reallt crappy phone. I fought my way through and held on the phone for over 45 minutes to finally talk with a Brandy, she said she was the highest person in that department, there is no one above her, I argues with her forever and she finally offered me the MyTouch Slide 4G for about $100, but I get to keep my phone. So I paid the difference, and got the phone, and it's killer I love it except the keyboard isnt the biggest and its really soft, but its a great phone otherwise. Now I am going to sell my Sidekick online and make all my money back, they are going for around $200 online so in the end I'll end up only paying $50 for a new phone... Not bad.

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    Good to see you fixed your problem.

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    Does that HTM phone have a real keyboard?  I can't tell from their site.


    I'd like a keyboard like the SK4G has but my SK keeps turning into a brick--usually when I'm in the middle of doing something. Like typing. 


    The keyboard is sort of useless when the phone shuts itself down...

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    As a long time T-Mo customer, I strongly second this notion about the SK4G.

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    I also have a Sidekick 4g. the hardware (especially the keyboard) is top of the line, but Samsung has a habit of filling their phones with bloatware that not only clogs up the phone storage but also continually runs in the background (RAM) slowing down other software.



    The best solution short of Rooting and ROMming the phone is installing this software -- Easy Task Killer Advanced (formerly called Mobo Task Killer): https://market.android.com/search?q=mobo+task+killer  



    Set it for 70% every 30 minutes. This has helped tremendously in making my phone run more smoothly.


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    Correction: I only had 1 problem, and this was not being able to pull SMS pics from messaging.


    I am now using:



    I have had zero problems with this, as of yet, since Sat, or Sun...


    This is Based off the last ROM I posted, but with the messaging fixed.

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