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    Do NOT get the LG MyTouch 4G


      Unlike many of the reviewers that I see here..  This is not my first smart phone and I'm sure that after a few weeks or months they will come to hate this lemon as much as I do.


      I owned the original HTC MyTouch 4G and "upgraded" to the LG model... BIG MISTAKE!!!! It is doggedly slow. Re-boots intermittently, on a daily basis. No flash for the camera. Menu's are not alphabetically sorted and change everytime you use or restart the phone. Was told, at purchase, that wi-fi sharing was included, it's not and is a separate service...  When you exit an application, the phone hangs, until a menu is presented..


      This thing is terrible. Talked to support and after talking to a few different techs, was finally authorized to get a replacement, since I was within the "return" period.  And like others here that have also talked to support, I refuse to believe that a 2 week old phone needs to have a master reset...  The phone is just plain inferior. Unfortunately, the store would not honor the return.... Now, I'm stuck with this lemon.


      If anyone that has any authority on this board reads this and would like to talk about this please do.... I'd swap this phone in an instant...

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          The problems you've mentioned above are clearly due to a defective unit. Why you place the blame on the model, I'm not sure. Mine isn't slow and the reviews don't say it's slow. It's a solid snapdragon with plenty of years behind it. If you're comparing it to a dual or quad core phone then you're kidding yourself. There's no comparison and to suggest it's slow because it's not a dual or quad core is a baseless argument.


          Okay, it doesn't have a flash. A lot of phones don't have a flash, it doesn't make them sub-par.


          Menu's are not alphabetical? What are talking about? If you're referring to the Settings Menu, what phones DOES have alphabetical menus!? None. If you're referring to the App Drawer - of course they are! Applications = Alphabetical order. The Recent Apps and Downloads are not alphabetical because that wouldn't make sense. Recent mean recent, as in, ordered by use, not by alphabet. The downloads, okay - maybe it *could* do with an alphabetical order but it's not, it by download. I'm not sure what your complaint is here.


          Wifi Sharing!? C'mon. That feature has been on the out since 2010. I personally would have been surprised if it was included! Why you're not, I'm not sure.


          Look. Obviously the phone you got had issues but that's a far cry from damning the model. It's a solid mid-range phone - dare I say, probably one of the best out there. Sure, people will disagree - that's what forums are for. Their not here for people to high-five and talk with other owners about how great it is - those people get on with their lives when things do and act the way they're suppose to. This forum is here for people to get help or if their unit has issues etc... Take what you read here from the small, albeit vocal, minority with a grain of salt.


          Moving on. You say you're stuck with it? Sell it then. Ebay it. If it took you two weeks to figure out your phone was a dud then there's nothing more that can be said. Next time you drop a few hundred for a phone, thoroughly test the unit - there's no doubt in my mind that had you done so you would have found out it was a dud within a few hours.


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            If no one else AGREES WITH YOU, I do! The MyTouch LG is HORRIBLE! This phone is a total nightmare. This is my first Android purchase and needless to say, the experience has been anything less than pleasant. I purchased the phone in November 2011. Within a 3 week span, I had exchanged the phone 2 times for the same problem. I imagined the second phone would solve the issue, but after realizing the SAME issue was occurring, I was reluctant to try a third replacement. The T-Mobile store denied exchanging the phone for a different make of phone so I was FORCED to receive this piece of **** once again. I cannot answer 97% of my calls. What is the purpose of having a phone, that does not perform the expected phone duties? The preloaded text application on my phone lags, relentlessly! It is so annoying. The phone feature has a serious lag as well, which makes it even more frustrating to deal with. I cannot end calls, answer calls or view my contacts without a 40 sec or longer delay. I am at the end of my rope with this phone. I called Customer Care for any suggestions, I spoke with 5 reps that suggested extensive troubleshooting techniques that did not solve the problem. I master reset the phone, deleted contacts, deleted messages, removed apps and all sorts of unhelpful tricks, to no avail! The 5th representative suggested I call LG! WHY? WHY? WHY? That only made it worse. LG blatantly told me that there was nothing they could do for me. I was asked to pay for shipping to send my phone to their repair center and they will hold it for 7-10 DAYS, to see if they can fix it. Not only is the "fix" not a guarantee but I will be without a phone for over a week? NO WAY! I already have to cope with the fact that this phone is BARELY a phone, daily! I will never purchase another LG phone and I am in the process of canceling my T-Mobile contract after 6 years because they have really dropped the ball this time. They continue to say, no one is having this issue, there are no known issues with this phone and whatever therapeutic tactic they can think of. I do not believe them. This phone is clearly defective and anyone that has purchased it needs a credit for this garbage! It should be illegal to sell knowingly defected merchandise.

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              onered, this reads like a user problem not a phone problem. Maybe you can take it one step at a time to try and trouble shoot those "issues". If you would outline them, specifically.


              Being your first Android purchase does that mean you have no smart phone experience or does that mean you're coming off iOS?


              You can't answer 97% of your calls? I wonder why that is? Why can't you? Does the screen not register your touch? Do the calls not get through? Is your signal strength too low?


              The preloaded text application lags relentlessly? What does that mean? That sure would be annoying if true. Please elaborate.


              What features has serious lag as well, onered? Are you saying of the 3% of the phone calls you can answer [and presumably the 100% you can make], you can't hang up? Again, being specific helps. Are you saying your touch isn't registered when you tap the screen to end the call?


              Can't view your contacts? Why is that? because there are no Contacts or because the Contacts app won't launch? Oh, nevermind, it takes 40 seconds to view your contact? How many contacts do you have? I have over 150 and it opens instantly.


              What extensive troubleshooting techniques did you have to go through with the 5 separate reps?


              Delete contacts? I thought you said you couldn’t view them? Delete messages? Why would you have to delete messages? Remove apps? Did they ask you to remove stock applications? What are you talking about!? That would be the first time THAT'S ever happened. Which apps?


              So assuming you come back with a response to any of this, [I think it's safe to say you wont] if you do, it'll just be more trolling because clearly you're not interested in resolution. Your parents got you this phone and you wanted a different one. We get it. BUT should you return with facts instead of generalizations, there are qualified people here who can help you.

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                Manik, I'm sorry that I evidently hit a sore spot for you.  I was simply voicing my displeasure with this phone.  As to the what has been gone through, with support.  In addition to the 2 + hours on the phone with them, 2 hardware resets, etc; I'd have to say that I've done and held up my end of the bargain, as a customer..


                Lagging....  Um lets see..... EVERY APPLICATION!!


                Coming off of iOS, hummmm  thought that an iPhone was considered a "smartphone"....  Wonder what the Apple folks would have with the characterization.


                As to wanting a resolution, I believe that in my original post, I ASKED for one....  And am still awaiting some realistic response....

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                  I don't know why you think you hit a sore spot with me [unless of course that is your attempt to turn this into a personal thing] I was merely adding counterpoints to your complaints and asking for clarification - which you seem to refuse to give. The bottom line is, you're placing the blame on the model and I'm placing the blame on the unit(s) [and partially you]. If you care to refute that, do so with facts. Facts based on specificity of detail, not generalizations.

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                    Nope not at all...  May I ask if you work with t-m?  If so, I'd be more than happy to reiterate what I've already posted and made an issue of.


                    If not, then I'm not sure what resolution that you may be able to offer that support, et al have already offered.. and I'd also then consider this discourse, with you, ended.

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                      No I'm not employed by T-Mobile, however, there are qualified people here who can help you. But nobody can help you if you don't take the time to outline the issues. Since you still refuse to respond to anything I've asked or made any attempt to be specific about what you have done to try and rectify these problems you're having then, yes, you're welcome to wash your hands of your own thread and take a walk.

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                        Well, thank you for your time.  I'll keep this thread open for a qualified T-Mobile reply.

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                          Rather than waiting for a response, I'd recommend sending an email to tforce@t-mobile.com with details of your attempt to return the device during the contractual return period.


                          A redress for the he refusal of the store to honor that provision in the terms and conditions is your most direct route to getting out of a model that you clearly are not comfortable with.


                          Good luck!

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                            Philyew.  Thank you very much for the info.  I'll send them a note and see what can be done..  I appreciate your assistance.

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                              Could be just your phone, mine has none of those problems :\

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                                philyew, thank you VERY much for the information.  Customer care took care of me and all is now right with the world..  Arranged for a replacement of a different model.


                                Thanks again......

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                                  I'm absolutely delighted you got the help and results you were seeking!


                                  TM recognize the PR value of high-profile satisfactory outcomes in this and other social forums. For the most part, they populate this forum with top-notch, customer-friendly personnel who help to grease the wheels wherever possible.


                                  It's no substitute for re-establishing a root-and-branch high quality service organisation, but we may as well take advantage of it until such time as the broader improvements come...or we move on to other options.

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                                    I hope the MyTouch by LG does not come with problems tomorrow. I am supposed to get this model after exchanging a Galaxy S4G for a T-Mobile G2X. This is going to be my 6th exchange with T-Mobile. The Galaxy kept failing when I sent text messages. The G2X has connection issues; if you use the wifi setting and then back to 4G/3G network. The calls do not go through, it keeps saying call ended. The only way to fix this problem is by doing a master reset. Sometimes if the phone turns off, you have to do a master reset in order to work. I believe that all LG phones have some issues. This will be my last phone before I switch carriers. The smart thing to do it will be to buy a Galaxy Nexus unlocked and get a plan with no contract. At least the Nexus model keeps updating their software.

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