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    Galaxy SII Titanium - backorder as of 2/27/12 (Will White be also?)

      I ordered it yesterday...no problem, plenty in stock.  I called this morning when I got my backorder notice.  They had plenty then, but ran out before mine could ship. 


      OK...so, do you have the white one?  "Oh, yes...we do, unless it is also back ordered today...we anticipate a run on them since the black one is out of stock." 


      LOL.  I saw in this forum that someone said five days ago, "When will the white galaxy S2 be available?"  Well...just so you know, they are in stock as of 5:30 am this morning according to the TM rep, so you should be getting one.


      I've been with TM since 2000.  I feel that they have collected enough of my money over the past 12 years to be able to afford an inventory supply program that works on their computer system.


      I told the rep I felt I had been lied to.  She got kind of indignant with me. 


      I could pay my 200.00 and cancel my contract...that is what I will do unless it arrives this week.  I can get this kind of treatment at AT&T, Verizon, or Sprint.


      Loyalty...not a big deal any more.


      I will update as I hear from them.