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    Dear customers,


    Thank you for your posts regarding MobileLife Album thus far.  We truly appreciate your feedback in improving the application and service.  What would help us even more is when you are experiencing difficulties, please provide the following information so that the team can further investigate the matter.  The more specifics we receive, the better it will help in the investigation.


    1. What phone are you using?

    2. What is the file size of the photos you are taking and trying to upload?

    3. What are the steps you are taking that is not allowing the uploads of your photos?

    4. What web browser version are you using when accessing MobileLife Album on the web from your computer?


    If the above does provide the team with enough information, we would like to ask that you share your phone number with us by emailing it to MobileLifeAlbum@t-mobile.com, along with the answers to the 3 questions above.


    Additionally, if you have an Android device and have not tried the MobileLife Album application yet, you can download it from the Android Market:  https://market.android.com/details?id=com.tmobile.album.  You can set it up so that you Android phone or tablet will automatically upload the photos and videos you take to your online Album.  to view the photos and videos you've upload, log in with your T-Mobile credentials at t-mobile.com/album.


    Finally, we are aware that a number of our users are unfortunately experiencing upload issues.  We have investigated and narrowed down the issue to the fact that the T-Mobile account credentials is not working.  We are working with the Engineering team to get to the bottom of this, but in the meantime please try resetting your T-Mobile account credentials at https://my.t-mobile.com/profile/ChangePassword.aspx and see if that remedies the issue.


    Thank you again for your support.

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    The problem I am having is moving photos to folders.  I do not have a "change folders" option.  When I drag and drop the photos they are "copied" into the folder that I choose.  HOWEVER, if I then delete them from the "all photos" or "from handset" album, they are also deleted from the individual folder that I dragged and dropped them to.


    Please give me a solution to this!!!!!  I have some photos that I don't necessarily want others to see when looking at my album but can't moving them to other albums for privacy is pointless if I can't then delete them from the main album without losing them altogether!!!



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    i cant figure out how to sync the all the pictures i already have on my phone to my online album it just wont let me, i have the mytouch 3g slide

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    Hi tnbelle,


    The way the "Albums" work on the left panel is that they are rather links to the original photo you have in the All album.  It was not meant to work like a folder and therefore does not work like folders.  MobileLife Album currently does not have a folder construct at this time but we will consider your feedback


    Regarding wanting to keep certain photos pirvate so that others cannot view them, you could create an album where you move most of the photos from All (except for the ones that you want to keep private) and click on that album whenever you are showing photos to yoru friends and family. It does default back to All whenever you re-log in.


    Hope this helps.

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    Hi hillybut,


    Sounds like you're looking for an one-click "upload all" button.  MobileLife Album Android client currently does not have that feature but we will consider your feedback   In the meanwhile, you can go to the Gallery app on your phone and select multiple photos you want to backup into MobileLife Album and use the "Share via" feature that should list MobileLife Album as an option. 


    Hope this helps.

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    Please help.  Mobilelife albums says ive used so very little space and shows I have up to 1GB to use yet it continues to say album full...what do I need to do to have mobilelife save new photos ive taken since it clearly states there is additional space available?!

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    How can you even get to it anymore?

    I think it has been discontinued.

    I can't check mine anymore.

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    Oooohhhh....duh.....is that the problem? I thought that the online album was what was to be discontinued not this.....that may very well be why no additional pictures are uploading...but idk why I can still get in yet I can!

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