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    text messaging

      i have an unlimited text plan will the springboard support sms messaging in the future?

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          That is a great question. The fact that the Springboard does not have messaging is because Android 3.2 (Honeycomb) does not offer text messaging or picture messaging. If an update is released that adds messaging to Android 3.2 it will be posted in the T-Mobile.com/support community.


          I hope this answers your concern,



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            I have been using Google Voice to send text messages from my Springboard rather nicely.  This might be an easy solution for you.  Just requires a google number.

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              Jennifer, what exactly do you mean, "If an update is released that adds messaging to Android 3.2 it will be posted in the T-Mobile.com/support community."?


              Being T Mobile Force it would seem that you would have a better indication as to where T Mobile is going with not only the Springboard but also the G-Slate. I am in the same boat. I recently purchased a G-slate, now finding out about all the unhappy people out there who own one because of, among other things, No text messaging and they do not allow and have no intention of allowing updates to the operating system. Same as cowsareholy on this web site the sales person told me I have unlimited messaging plan. The only problem is the sales people fail to tell you, which you would think would be quite important, is that the device doesn't even support text messaging out of the box. I also asked if the G-slate was coming EOL because no one seems to have them available anymore and it doesn't even appear as a device to purchase on T Mobile's web site. I was assured it is not EOL. Come to find out it is coming EOL. Good thing I have 14 days to return the G-slate because that is what I am going to do. I certainly am not going to be locked in for two years to a device and a company that has no plans to offer features that are standrd on pretty much every tablet and also has no intention to allow updates to the OS. Should have bought an iPad like I knew, which I certainly will be doing now.

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                You can even now.... I use Google Voice. Just download it from the app store. Then log into your gmail from your computer and go to google talk and set up a new number. It's all free. Gene Perhaps...


                Good Luck!


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                  Is your recipient required to have a google account in order for you to text them? 

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                    No. Google assigns you an actual 10 digit number. The person you are texting will be charged standard text messaging rate or whatever. But if they have google talk too then it would be totally free for the both of you.


                    Hope that helps!


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                      Are you activley using the Gtalk on the springboard with success?

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                        Then you should be able to get out of paying ETF because, it says that TEXT messaging is included when in fact you cant message. I home ICS fixes it.

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                          This is incorrect, I had a G-slate with HC 3.2 and texting works fine, now Im getting currently unable to send your message it will be sent when the service becomes available, tech support is useless when I called them

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                            This is funny, because I just signed up with T-Mobile and got one of there springboards. Problem is I can not activate anything becuase I am supposed to get a text message to the number they gave me to activate it....I only have a Tablet, no phone so no way to activate it. I will have to find out tomorrow how this is going to go down.

                            Also, why would you offer unlimited texting but no built in SMS service????

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                              This is a BIG issue with the springboard, a TEMP Solution is to take out your SIM card and place it in a cheap prepaid T-mobile cell phone. Get the SMS that you need and once done re-place the SIM card back on the springboard. Now I feel that T-Mobile SHOULD FORCE HUAWEI  to make an app for texting.

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                                wondering if I can get out of my contract since it dosent do Text messaging?

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                                  To lou0611, Sync with google contacts. It should do in by itself, but to check get on a computer and go to  google contacts, log in and you should see them.

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                                    Well, I have applied my normal tinkering with these devices and should be able to text and activate this thing tomorrow. I have a question though, does anyone know where I can download the original ROM for this thing?

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