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    contacts transfer via Bluetooth Issue


      Windows phone software causes the Bluetooth connection to be interrupted when the number of contacts transferred equals 100. In transferring from a Nokia N8-00 and a Nokia 5230-c to the Lumia 710 the connection repeatedly resets at the 100 contact mark. Is this a feature? If not, how to work around this. I didn't know I was beta testing the firmware for MS.

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          Have not seen this when using the Contacts Transfer app, but I will forward it to Nokia.  In all tests with phones >100 contacts it has transferred all without stopping at 100 - thanks for reporting your experience as well as the model of the phones you are using. 

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            Thank you for passing it on to Nokia.

            The N8-00 is running 111. 030.0609.269.01 (Belle) and the

            The Nuron is running (S60v5)

            The Lumia 710 is running

            Windows® Phone 7.5 revision number 1600.3007.7740.11465 on Hardware rev. 112.1402.2.1


            if any of that is useful in knowing where to look for the issue.

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              Hi tzsm98 -

              Our nokia team reported that they were unable to replicate the issue you experienced, using three phones (n8-00, nuron, and lumia) running the very same OS versions you noted above.  All contacts installed (tested with 150 contacts - no issues).


              I would like to confirm that you are attempting to transfer these using bt via the Contacts Transfer app and not some other method - I assume you are, just want to be certain.


              The recommendation at this point is to

              1. Uninstall the Contacts Transfer app from your phone then install it again from the Nokia Collection in the windows marketplace

              2. Do a master reset on the Nokia Lumia 710

              3. Combination of 1 & 2


              Please report your results back here - interested to know what you experience as we try to pinpoint why yours is stopping at 100.  thanks!

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                I can confirm that it should work with more than 100 contacts. I easily transferred over 200 from my Amaze.