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    No booster for apartment complexes?

      Wow, Epic Fail, T-Mobile. You have an angry customer who is trying to post fair warning to you and now I get some message about profanity when I haven't used it. Short version as follows:


      1. I troubleshot YOUR phone problem today for you, and called in to report the solution. Total time -- 60 minutes. I SHOULD have had you simply send a replacement phone, and next time I will.


      2. I was told by TWO tech support reps (a first and a second level) that I qualified for a signal booster to solve the almost non existent signal issues I'm having. However, after 30-40 minutes on hold the "customer retention" fellow said that we didn't qualify and that T-Mobile didn't supply signal boosters to people living in apartments. We have no signal or very low signal 3 miles from your corprate headquarters.


      3. I went online and discovered in the forums that T-Mobile, in fact, DOES supply boosters to people living in apartments.


      4. I called Sprint, who supplies a booster to our corporate offices, and they were VERY interested in getting my families business. We pay you folks $7200+ over the course of a two-year contract. They are prepared to provide the booster that you folks aren't willing to.


      Nearly 6 years of having three lines with you folks, and now having three Android lines with you folks, I'd have expected your "customer retention" expert to not simply blow us of. Maybe a better title might be "customer ejection representative" because unless I get a call or message from you folks with a precise ETA on when this signal booster will be arriving, you have lost my business.


      I'd resisted the urge to switch to one of those quirky North American cellular standards (have used GSM since 2002, and love the ability to get off a plane in Hong Kong and have my phone work, as it did with Taiwan GSM -- with whom, by the way, we had ZERO coverage issues, you are being out-done by Taiwan GSM, people, think about it). However, at this point we don't travel much so I'm willing to go with the first carrier who is willing to solve my issues in exchange for my $300 per month.


      Are you people game?