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    Loses data connection, then reappears

      Hi everyone, I'm having problems with my G2x as of only a few days ago.  I'm based in Fargo, ND (temporarily), where the only data available is 2G.  A few days ago, I started to lose my data connection, sometimes in the middle of doing something, and then a few minutes later it would reappear (meaning the 2G symbol in the status bar).  If the connection is not present, starting an application that would normally initiate it like Facebook, does not work.  However, if I use an application like Facebook while I have short term access, then it seems to transfer data.  It seems as if my data connection has a mind of its own now.  I am very tech savvy and have not come across any solution besides that maybe T-Mobile is having some sort of network trouble here.  Wifi works fine by the way, and I'm running the most up to date Android software (2.3.3).  I also reset my APN to the default settings.  If anyone has come across this problem and has a solution or something you think might work, please let me know!