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    Yea, I think "MyAccount" need little more development.


    Even if I turned off WiFi, still "MyAccount" failed occasionally. Seems MyAccount timeout too short, when I have 4G connection most of the time (but not all the time) works. But if I only had 2G/EDGE connection, mostly fail...

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    Hopfully version 1.0.2 would address the issue.

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    I've by-passed the "My Account" tile altogether. Instead, I go through Internet Explorer. Try this:


    1)  type in the web address --> m.t-mobile.com

    2)  top right hand corner --> tap "my account"

    3)  Tab "yes" under the question "Are you a T-Mobile customer connected to ..."


    Then, pin this link to the start main screen.


    Finally, this has replaced that non-functional "My Account" tile from the OEM.


    Have fun!

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    Best solution yet! Thanks.lol

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    T-mobile needs to get off their butts now that the AT&T merger is off the table and update this app.


    This app has been a total waste for as long as I have had my HD7 which has been just over a year now.  This also applies to the 710, same non functioning app that hasn't seen an update in a while if at all.


    The solution from oodssoo is nice and is great to see your minute usage, but I still don't see a data usage section which has been missing from the app since I have used it but is available for the android phones.

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    Hi oodssoo, I have been trying to recreate your issue on both a Nokia Lumia 710 and an HTC Radar...but it's working fine for me most of the time. 

    Occasionally in a low coverage area i will get the 'cannot fetch your info' message, but in general on either a wifi or standard network connection the My Account app works fine on both phones i have tested. 


    At this point I would suggest you do a master reset on your phone, which would clear any possible cache issues and should reset the app back to the point where it was originally working on your phone.  If you take this step, please let me know here on this thread how it works for you. 



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    My app never worked from day one. What would be lost if a master reset were done?


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    I found the link for master reset. All content will be lost.

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    Yes, a master reset will result in the phone going back to the way it was when you first got it, but most content is able to be backed up fairly simply.  See step 3 on this resource: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2606900

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    Is a master reset really the only way to get this app functioning again?  A simple uninstall and reinstall of the app would be a much better solution.  I don't think that can be done though.  A master reset is really not worth the trouble for this app in it's current state.  It needs to be updated.

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    For now, oodssoo's workaround works very well for minutes and data. i would not bother with master reset as the app did not work when my phone was brand new. It might be a hassle and a waste of time.

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    I must be blind, I'm not seeing the data usage.

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    Mine reads as:




    My Account

    Current Plan & Features


    Plan:                         (whatever Plan)


    Plan Status:               Paid


    Minutes:                    92


    Data Used:               xxx.xxxMB


    Next Charge

    Date:                       xx/xx/xxxx


    Balance in dollars:    $xx.xx


    Use By:                   xx/xx/xxxx

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    Hi willyk, this app is not available in the Windows Marketplace as it is specific to T-Mobile customers; once uninstalled it can only be re-installed by doing a master reset to restore the phone to it's original state which had that app pre-installed out of the box.  


    In all of our tests on different Windows Phone devices (HD7, Radar, Lumia) the app itself is working as expected, which means the issue is probably not with the product but rather with the plan that is trying to be accessed.  If you can give more detail on your rate plan I am happy to take that back to our dev team to see if we can replicate the issue using a particular rate plan/data plan, which may help pinpoint the problem. 

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    The plan is the "Classic 1000 Minute-Talk", 2-lines,one with 5GB data the other with 2GB data.


    Has data usage ever been reported from the app on Windows phones?  It does on the android phones.  The app refuses to work when wi-fi is on.  I can get it to work sometimes when I turn off wi-fi, I believe this was suggested in an earlier post.