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    Am I at the right place? G2X! Livid!What Now?

      Does anyone from from T-Mobile actually help people here or is this a self-help group support site? I'll take all the help I can get, but was just curious.


      Here is my problem......I needed a phone that could take and text photos of potential investment properties and bought the G2X reading up on it..  It worked great  and was exactly what I needed until I added the Gingerbread update which made the camera absolutely worthless. I was absolutely livid and stuck in a two year contract with a phone that doesn't do what I purchased it to do to begin with. I tried several different apps but they only cause the phone to freeze up. Since then I have been having to use my regular camera and my phones memory card with a micro SD card adapter.  I take the pictures, remove the card, turn off the phone, install the card, turn the phone back on, wait for  it to boot and then I am able to get the photos where they need to go. After reading that others had the same issue I knew it wouldn't be easy to fix. I kind of just settled into the routine because I was moving and then helping with my sisters wedding so didn't have time to deal with the hassle of trying to get T-Mobile to do anything about it.


      Yesterday I had a friend with me while taking pictures when my camera battery died. Instead of going to the car to grab my spare I used her phone to take my pictures and then sent them off, quickly, without a problem. I have been stewing about my phone since and now have the time to something about it. The phone is less then a year old and still under warranty. What do I need to do to remedy this problem?




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          I'm not sure how the gingerbread update made the Camera useless, as it still works under Gingerbread.

          Are you have some specific problem with the camera?


          You do not need to power off the phone to insert the sd card, just make sure the battery doesn't fall out while you are inserting it.

          Then to take it out goto settings, storage, unmount sd card, then pull the card.

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            The GB update brought with it the stock Android camera.  If you were used to the LG camera found in the older operating system (Froyo), you might consider a 3rd party camera from the Android marketplace.  There are several good alternatives...I would recommend Camera FX.

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              Thanks for the advice! I have tried all kinds of camera apps both free and fee and they all make my phone lock up or freeze.I have tried hard reset, soft reset and the camera just sucks now. I did a chat with LG and was told to try different apps or to contact T-Mobile and ended that conversation right after that. I really feel that I shouldn't have to do any of this anyway with the cost of the phones being what they are.  Cash or contract, for most people it's an investment not a disposable device. The phone was promised the Gingerbread update not the Gingerbread update with reduced features and It's just irritating.


              The good news is that I did talk to a very nice T-Mobile rep yesterday. It just so happened her husband had purchased a G2x which also had the same problem once he received the update. She told me that a warranty exchange solved his problem I am hoping it will solve mine as well.


              Now it's just a matter of finding a time to go through the troubleshooting steps necessary to get a warranty exchange while having access to an alternative phone line.  We do not have a land line and my husband and are rarely home at the same time before 10:00 at night.


              Hopefully it will work out soon engouh! Thanks again!



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                Thanks for the advice about the sd card. Can you remove the card without shutting the phone off as well? I had no idea you could instert the micro SD card with the power on.


                The problem with the camera is that I can not take indoor photos without the flash now. No matter what setting I have it at. The pictures ar dark. It's frustrating because before the update the camera produced better pictures then my Canon.


                At least there seems to be a solution since talking to T-Mobile about it. I'll post what happens!


                Thanks Again!



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                  Ooops!  Errorspiff, I guess you did tell me how to pull the card with the power on!



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                    Have you tried changing the Exposure level? The +3 seems to brighten it up quite a bit.

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                      Thanks for getting back to me! Yes! I have! Nothing I tried worked! It happens I guess. T-Mobile is doing a warranty handset exchange which is all I wanted. Hopefully my next one will work!


                      How come I couldn't mark you as helpful answer like I did with the others? Just curious!



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                        Great News.....after explaining everything to customer service, doing some online troubleshooting and calling customer service again from an alternative line other then mine, T-Mobile has agreed to do a warranty handset exchange! I just want my camera to work as I know it can. Hopefully this will solve the problem or T-Mobile will keep working with me until it does which is all I really wanted.


                        Thanks Again to all of you who addressed my concerns I will post how it goes!



                        Have a great day