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        Thanks for your help aubuchon, we have recently updated the website to remove the feature that was causing most of the confusion regarding internet sharing/mobile hotspot on the Nokia Lumia 710.


        Appreciate your help. 

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          Hey Bub. If you'd taken the time to look a little closer you would have seen that I was trying to edit my own previous post to add the title to the internet sharing data plan that's offered when you buy the Lumia. Good luck with your comprehenson skills in the future.

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            I just did another mock purchase and the website gives me the choice under Unlimited plans which still includes the following verbiage

            ." Share your phone’s high-speed Internet connection on the go with up to five Wi-Fi devices, plus get 10 GB of photo and video storage for free"
            Does this mean "Internet Sharing", as in another deivice can use T-mobile internet via  my device (Lumia) or does it simply mean that the Lumia can connect to a wi-fi device?

            If this verbiage was removed then does it take a few hours or days for it to reflect on the website?


            (on a side note, why does this site only allow about 5 minutes to edit your post, then blocks you out?)

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              Hi aubuchon, we removed one reference to the internet sharing feature on the Nokia Lumia product page, but this instance is specific to the data plans, so this is the first I have seen it.  I can see how it would be confusing, so I will contact our web team for this item as well.  


              No idea why the time limit to edit posts is set at 5 min - I have noticed myself that it's not long, and it's possible that is the default setting for the site and you are the first person to want something different .  I can send this feedback to the appropriate team also.

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                I was sold the phone & the tethering plan only to find out that it's not supported. That was one of the main reasons I purchased the 710. Besides, it's not very customizable. It's a nice phone, but I like to have fun with it too. I don't have internet at home, so tethering was perfect for my laptop. I have to go to hotspots like McDonald's or Kinko's for wi-fi. Zune keeps duplicating my photos, and I don't like that I have to always hook my phone to my laptop to get ringtones or music. Still not a bad phone. Going back to Android for now, still within the 14 day return window. If I'm missing something on customizing the 710, let me know.

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                  Well, it looks like Joel's Nokia contact was wrong.  Internet Sharing is coming to the Nokia 710.  I know this because the FCC just reviewed an addendum to the previous T-Mobile + Nokia certification of the Lumia 710.  Since T-Mo is the only seller of the Lumia 710 in the U.S., it must be T-Mo and even if it's not, it will be coming in an update.  The FCC documents report that this is a software only change.  Also, Nokia had said that Internet Sharing would come in a future update.  So, the original poster was right and it looks like it is coming very soon. 


                  Read about it here: http://nokiagadgets.com/2012/02/17/hotspot-update-for-lumia-710-very-near-asking-for-fcc-approval/


                  I bet we'll have this in less than a month with the 8107 update. 



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                    This is very cool - thanks for sharing, valkyrie-mt.  Hopefully this will pass FCC approval.

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                      More confirmation that the Lumia 710 is getting Internet Sharing (aka. tethering)...  In a discussion with Nokia it was stated as "coming soon" for the Lumia 710.  See here:





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                        So...is hotspot tethering or internet sharing available on Nokia Lumia 710 yet? today is april 21, 2012.

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                          Not yet.

                          Don't think they release update.

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                            The news on this is still positive.  The Internet Sharing update is was now integrated by Nokia into the Lumia 710 software and some people outside the U.S. have it now (see link below).  So much for my 1 month prediction.  I think T-Mo and other carriers are waiting for the Mango Refresh, since there were no major security issues to drive the update.  I really wish they wouldn't.  And now without the Microsoft firmware status page, we have no visibility into what is happening. 





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                              Im already using the latest Lumia update
                              Firmware version: 1600.3014.8107.12050

                              OS Version: 7.10.8107.79


                              No crashing and freezing, fixes the call ended issue, battery life improved for 25% than the old version, no wifi sharing still but I saw a German version it has wifi sharing. I went to nokia store here in the Philippines they told me wifi sharing is not yet available for the Lumia 710.. There are some rumors that wifi sharing will be available soon since nokia is currently working for the new updates.. 

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                                What's ROM did you use for this jdiaz

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                                  It was came out of the box..I went to Nokia Care last week they told me that the software updates depends your location.. Im wondering no wifi sharing for the 710 but Lumia 610 has..  Smart Communication here in the Philippines offered this phone for 1200 pesos per month if you convert that to US dollars around $30 unlimited talk, text and web..

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                                    In the Lumia 710 pre-paid phone page, under additional features section, it says:

                                    Wi-Fi Sharing

                                    Use your device's web connection to connect laptops and other Wi-Fi enabled devices to the Internet.


                                    Does that mean the Internet sharing is available for Lumia 710 now? Is there any additional charge on top of the $30 data and text pre-paid plan for this? Thanks.