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    how is this thread "assumed answered"?  and who set that?  looks to me that there had been no resolution at all on this issue and since t-mo "assumes" it's corrected they are ignoring it

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    It has been abended by T-Mobile support. And I personally gave up - I've been promised that "this change would fix it" by tech support 3 times and nothing happened, I posted here number of times - and got no reply. I think it's safe to assume that T-Mobile simply does not have a solution, but admission to that would be ... too paiful.

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    sabotank wrote:


    how is this thread "assumed answered"?  and who set that?  looks to me that there had been no resolution at all on this issue and since t-mo "assumes" it's corrected they are ignoring it



    I just noticed that it now says "assumed answered..."


    This issue is not adressed!!!
    Come one T-Mobile, please handle this problem, which should totally be a "known issue" by now...

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    I would just like to chime in and say how much I LOVED T-mobile. Everyone in customer service spoke english, you could understand them, they wanted to help, etc etc.. But ever since I renewed my contract I've been having issue after issue.




    I'm switching from t-mobile as soon as I can. This is ridiculous. Im running the stock app with the stock android on my G2X and i've done a factory/master reset MULTIPLE TIMES! Yes, I've power cycled, cleaned it, poured magic pixie dust on it and NOTHING. T-mobile support knows nothing of what they're doing. It's common knowledge this american branch is quickly dying.


    Back to the duplicate texts... It started about Christmas time when someone was trying to text me. I got it two hours later.. 17 duplicate texts. SEVENTEEN! Then, a few weeks later, 21 from someone else. 11 just came in a minute ago from someone. Often I get 2-3 duplicated a few times a week. It's ridiculous. The sad thing is nobody believes me and T-mobile goes through the generic 6 step troubleshooting bull to fix it.


    Also, @ the poor sap hired by t-mobile to make it look like the community here is actually being helped; my advice? Just stop. We aren't talking about multiple notifications. There's a difference between "You have X messages" being displayed multiple times and picking up your phone to physically read 21 of the same texts.


    Suggestion: Hop on over to your Tier 2 support and tell them whats up, have someone competant in their job help us.

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    I've had my sensation 2 months now.  I get duplicate & even triplicate texts about 50% of the time.  They come from other TMO customers as well as at&t and sprint users.  I had a sensation before the Amaze and this was never a problem. (However, Sensation had MANY other issues!) This is annoying and I wish it could be fixed.

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    I Have Had My Amaze Since December And I Receive Duplicate Text Messages From Time To Time. Never Received "triplicate" Messages Though. Anyway, This Is A Problem That Occurs On All Carriers & Most High End Smartphones: Even The So-called Great Iphone. Some Experience This Issue More Than Others. For Me, I Just Delete The Duplicate Text & Keep It Moving. Don't Let It Ruin Your Day. I'm Just Saying.

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    Hey everyone, I just spoke with someone in our Product Development group. HTC is aware of the duplicate messaging issue and a fix is on the way. I do not have a date, but they are aware and working to resolve this. Based on my personal experience with the stock rom and custom roms on the HTC Amaze 4G, I think we are looking at someone with the stock messaging app, the T-Mobile network, or both.


    I will provide more updates as I receive them!

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    Thanks for the update brandt.  It is nice to know that TMobile and HTC are working on resolving this issue.

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    Another thanks for the update.  I wonder if we'll actually see an update, or if the fix would be rolled into ICS/Sense 4.0?

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    Can you please propogate this inforrmation to T-Mobile customer service? I am waiting for SIM replacement afer 2 phone resets after network troubleshooting ticket and 3 or 4 calls and everyone I speak to is very ncie and helpful and completely clueless ... This is first time I am have an issue with T-Mobile that makes me wonder why I am still T-Mobile customer....




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    This problem is FAR from fixed.  It just started happening to me about a month ago, and I've made no change to my Android phone or service plan.  Maybe a quarter of the people who send me messages, I'll get the same message 3-4-5 times over the course of 5 minutes after the first message.  Happens with short codes (5-digit numbers, like politicians and organizations as well).

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    This same issue also happens on my brand new HTC One S... It seems like it's an issue with most HTC devices... Hmmmmm...

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    Umm, jealous.  Oh, and disappointed.  Sounds like HTC hasn't learned from their mistakes.


    Too bad I love the stock sense so much or I would root this beast.

    androidaddict wrote:


    This same issue also happens on my brand new HTC One S... It seems like it's an issue with most HTC devices... Hmmmmm...

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    This is not specific to any specific brand or model of handset, it's a T-Mobile problem.

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    Can it really be said this is a T-Mobile issue? I had my Vibrant for all most a year and I never received duplicate sms messages nor has my wife, son or daughter, the first time I had this problem was with the Amaze, but it (so far) isn't frequent enought for me to dislike this phone. By the way I've been a customer for 10 years and this is the first time I've seen this.