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        erroneus wrote:


        You convinced me to go ahead and root my phone.  Now I just have to wait for motivation to strike and I'm just going to do it.  No point in waiting at all.  Just none.  The custom ROMs out there are just awesome from what I have been reading and the lacking bloatware and CarrierIQ?  What's to think about any more?

        There is a point in waiting.


        If you absolutely positively gotta have ICS, chances are official drivers won't exist for our device until our ROM is created.  Which means a possibility of camera not working, or this, or that.


        My post isn't to say "No, don't do that", rather is to let you know of the risks of doing it for an OS that isn't officially out for the device.  I've seen some AWESOME ROMs out there... until you try to do certain basic features that a driver or something is missing for (usually it's camera)

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          ...Camera, Bluetooth, signal, battery, incoming call accessing ringtone stored on SD...Something real quirky may not work.  It becomes a full-time job to keep up with updates, changes, what's broken, what is still fixed.  If this was the original MT3G, or even the MT4G, I would say root with impunity!  But the GS2, and similar dual core phones (if you can put up with CIQ), will power through any bloatware and crapware issues.  I have seen no serious detrimental effects of the blaotware on the GS2, except that the battery life may not be as good as it could be.  The same could not be said of the original MT3G, MT4G, and similar devices.  Those devices screamed to be rooted and liberated of their bloatware.

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            My experience with the Vibrant doesn't follow your expectations of custom ROMs.  Besides that, merely rooting doesn't mean I would use a custom ROM (only) if there was something not yet working.  My first experience rooting the Vibrant merely enabled me to strip out things I didn't want on the phone which was "good enough" until some very skilled people created custom ROMs which definitely supported all the hardware but also tweaked the radios to maximize battery life.  Depending on the signal strength of the area I might be in, I would get two days of talk+standby without going below 50% battery power remaining.  (Then again, if I'm driving on the road, that estimate is worthless and the Vibrant would drink power trying to get a good signal.)  I expect nothing less from my GS2.


            It definitely wasn't a full time job to keep up with any changes.  I went to one of the last "Team Whiskey" loads and have been quite happy with it -- so happy that I didn't need to go to Cyanogen Mod when Team Whiskey finally gave up on their project.


            To simply say "GS2 has enough power to blow through anything lost to bloatware" means there is serious potential for increasing battery life just by ridding one's self of things that use extra memory and processor cycles.  The results may not be stellar, but when playing the "maximize battery life" game, every processor cycle counts.  I'm not new to this game at all.  You should see what some people do with their Priuses.

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              Currently, there are no ICS ROMs for our phone. As Smply pointed out, the drivers for our phone on ICS are not out, so there isn't much the devs can do. Eventually there will be a leaked build, and many will use that, tweak it, iron out issues, and then we will have an ICS ROM. The main advantage right now is in less bloat, no CIQ, and custom kernels. I'd recommend Bombardier ROM. It's basically a pared down version of the stock ROM with a smooth, undervolted kernel. It works well and the battery life is mindblowing.

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                It is true that there are no ICS ROMs right now for our variant of the GS II but there are some great ROMs out there right now. I am using Juggernaut 5.0 with ICS overlays and other things which is great



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                  Yes, Juggernaut 5.0 is where I have my sites in the future, but I just rooted my phone today.  I'm going to play with this a while before I move on into other ROMs and such.


                  The rooting went well -- better than others I hear.  There's a video on how to do it and even in the video, the guy gets an error when installing the clockwork recovery or whatever it was.  I got no errors at all and it worked the first time.  I think I was just lucky in this case, but you know?  I have a few USB cables laying around which are supposed to be compatible with my phone and one of them seems to work but not always.  (I get charging but not reliable SD card access)  I switched over to the USB cable that shipped with the Vibrant and it worked like a charm... so there's something about the USB cable I was using that's not quite right.  I wonder if other people were actually having a problem with their cables?


                  Anyway, on the previous page there were some wise words which convinced me to go ahead and root my phone and not wait for ICS.  The reports I have read on Juggernaut say it's mature enough to put into use.  (I like new shiny things, but sometimes I don't have time for cutting edge things like others might.)


                  I have already stripped out many bloatware apps according to a list published on XDA.  I think the list was old as it didn't reference Telenav for removal.  I left it there just in case it's actually needed for something.  But a lot of other things are now gone and the Market won't bug me to update them any longer. Yay!


                  Now I get to start digging into some other fun things and I can run QuickSSHD on port 22 instead of 2222.  Nice.

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                    I have been using Juggernaut since version 3.5 and I have had no problems whatsoever. It is great and I am just simply waiting for CM9 to release an ICS ROM for our GS II but I think that we will see the release of Android 5.0 (Jelly Bean) before we even get ICS on our phone...SIGH!!!!

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                      Official Samsung Android 4.0 update list


                      Basically Samsung has commited to the global version of the device getting an update in this quater.  But for the T-Mobile version, although it will get an update, the timeframe is still "unknown".

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                        Please only discuss and link to customized ROMs and other warranty voiding activity in the Android Dev Forum.


                        This device specific forum is for within warranty activity.

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                          the galaxy s2 isnt a confirmed phone to be getting ICS apparently. only the Amaze, Sensation, and HTC one.

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                            Hey everyone,


                            Due to the inscrease in posts regarding the the Samsung Galaxy S II and the Ice Cream Sandwich update, all threads regarding this are being redirected to the main discussion ICS update for the T-Mobile Galaxy S II.


                            We also have some more information about Android software updates in Software updates for Android.


                            Thanks everyone!

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