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    Has the GB camera app been fixed?

      I'm trying to choose a new phone, and the G2x seems like a steal it its current price... or at least it would if I didn't know why it's at that price. So, anyway, has LG updated the GB camera app to be more like the Froyo one?

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          Well that sucks. :/ Looks like I need to find another $100 for the Sensation. I know it doesn't have a great camera either, but that's not the point. The point is that LG doesn't support their products, so I can't risk buying it.

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            Why is the LG camera such a big deal?  There are a bunch of camera apps in the marketplace.  Another alternative is the LG camera port posted by the devs at XDA...only thing is that you have to be rooted in order to flash it.  I don't think spending another $100 is worth a camera app.

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              I don't like owning tech that's neglected by its manufacturer. It's something that I've dealt with too many times. I shouldn't have to root a phone just to use the front camera! And, honestly, I prefer the Sensation for several reasons. I can afford the extra $100; it'll just take another couple of weeks. I might even save a bit more and get the GSII.

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                Ok, so you've already made up your mind about not getting the G2x.  Why even post the question?  I'm sure you would have answered it yourself by searching nonetheless.  I took this as just another phone-bashing thread...

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                  Actually, no. If I saw that LG cared about the G2x, I'd be seriously considering it, especially since the front camera is better than the Sensation's. Now it's unlikely that I'll get it unless my expenses this holiday end up higher than intended. I'd love to save that $100, but at the same time I don't want to end up with poorly supported hardware. I've been there, and it's extremely frustating. I won't deny that the G2x is a good phone and a bargin at $99, but when an issue as easy to fix as this is ignored, it's a huge turn-off to me. What if this gets upgraded to ICS down the road and causes a worse issue that LG refuses to fix? I can't take a risk like that unless I have to. If it weren't for this and the other issues the G2x has, I'd definitely get it. That said, it probably wouldn't even be so cheap without those issues, and if it doesn't look like LG is going to even try to fix those issues then I'll be forced to assume that I'll get what I pay for when I buy the G2x.

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                    As I have told others, don't get a phone hoping that it will be upgradable to the next OS version.  That being said, ICS is months down the road.  And more than likely, the dev community will have it ported even before it will be officially released.


                    I bet the Sensation will have a $99 or lower price tag soon enough...all phones get there at some point if you wait long enough.  If you can hold out, there's always something better coming down the pike.

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                      Are you a selective reader? I don't care about it getting ICS; I care about if ICS ends up breaking the phone due to LG's poor QC.


                      I know the price will go down, but I need to get the phone by the end of the year. Since the Sensation isn't having major issues like the G2x, it'll be a year before it hits $99.

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                        How do you know it'll be a year before the Sensation hits $99?  There was already a firesale on them not too long ago (i.e. they were free, just like the G2x...for new customers of course).  Besides the downgraded camera app, what else is LG supposed to fix with the GB update?  No OS is going to be perfect.  You'll find issues with every phone.  Good luck with your Sensation...there's no point being made on this thread that wasn't already discussed elsewhere.

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                          T-Mobile doesn't have sales for upgrades.

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                            LG has supported the G2x.  it received the Gingerbread update which is about the only update you can expect from a manufacturer. And it got the update before many HTC phones which were release before it (MT4G, G2, etc).  I don't think any TMO Samsung phones have been updated after their release (except for the vibrant which is still on froyo).  Other phones have problems too and they don't get updates either.


                            if you care about the camera, get the phone with the best camera.  no need to make excuses.

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                              "I care about if ICS ends up breaking the phone due to LG's poor QC."


                              A buddy of mine has the HTC Thunderbolt and just received the Gingerbread Update. It broke his Voice Mail and Phone log.  HTC has no idea when the problem will be corrected.  This is just to say any company can and does have problems, not just LG.  BTW my G2x has had not problems at all since Gingerbread.

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                                The first camera that was with the froyo G2X.  Was nice.  Updated camera on Gingerbread is a big step down.  Besides the camera issue there are other more important issues with the G2X not working right. 


                                T-Mobile technician told me they lowered the price because of all the problems the G2X has had. 


                                I like the G2X but it needs better support.  For now I don't recommend it. 

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                                  Ever since the GB update, my phone stopped saving the pictures on my sd card.  Any idea on how to fix it?