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      • 15. Re: Error REG02 "Invalid SIM card" when trying to use wifi calling - Continued

        I have had the same problem with the MyTouchQ. My town has really spotty service from T-Mobile(even though on the little 'service available' map in the store my town is all covered in a mockingly rich green)  and they assured us that Wifi calling would fix the problem. Obviously it hasn't.


        Wifi calling sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. Of course, it always works when I go to the T-Mobile store to ask for help. At home it doesn't because my phone is giving me REG09 and REG99 errors. It has also been saying that I'm not registered on the network. Just as I'm writing this it started working all of the sudden but I'm sure it will go out again as soon as I need to make a call, like it always does. I have been to the nearest T-Mobile store 4 or 5 times now abou this issue and the employees there have done an excellent job helping me with this. They have tried giving me different sim cards and have called in to have Wifi calling put on my account even though we had done that already(which was it's own nightmare which involved talking to 7 different people who either dropped the call or put us back on hold to wait for someone else). All of the suggested solutions have been attempted only to find that the problem persists when I get home. Also, it's not an issue with my router or ISP or network. This problem happens pretty much anywhere except inconveniently at the T-Mobile store.


        So what the heck T-Mobile? Are you guys going out of business or something and just don't want to tell your loyal customers who have been with you for the past 10 or so years? The only reason we haven't switched to Verizon or Sprint is because your customer service and price for service has been just good enough to keep us. Or is it that when being ripped off, we just don't want to get further ripped off by paying craptons of cancellation fees? So here we are, signing another 2 year contract with you while infatuated with the promises of worth-while service through Wifi calling only to find ourselves let down once again.


        So now we're driven to the question, "Do I really put up with this for another 2 years, or do I bite the bullet and pay the cancellation fees so I can switch to a service that actually works?"


        You guys choose to keep customers or go out of business.


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