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        I think it was mentioned earlier in the thread...but what is the benefit of flashing it the second time? I never did the second flashing of my phone since most things worked fine after the first flash. I might flash it again in the future...but for now, I don't see the need.

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          The point of the second flash isn't too important, its only for getting rid of UK english and having US english instead.

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            I installed the huge NAM version the first time (US English) so I guess there's no need for a second flash for me. Thanks again for all your detailed instructions.

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              Today I got a response from Nokia. Pls read below:


              Thank you for emailing Nokia Careline.

              In response to your inquiry regarding Symbian Belle Software update for your Nokia device, we would like to inform you that if you found that there is yet to be available software update for your device through our website or Nokia Suite, please be informed that our developement team is currently working for this update and are working closely with our operator partners in US who will help us to ensure that the software is delivered at the earliest possibility, but also that it is delivered in the right way and that quality is not compromised. What we can suggest is that you may frequently check if there is available Symbian Belle update for your Nokia device. Your phone can alert you when new software updates is available. In the Software Update application:

              1. Select Options > Settings > Auto-check for updates

              2. Select On > OK

              You may also utilize Nokia Suite through the link below to check for an available Symbian Belle update for your device.


              Lastly, you may also check Nokia Belle Update rollout status through this link.


              We hope for your patience and understanding regarding this matter.

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                Don't hold your breath...under that nokia belle update availability our phones aren't even listed...at least you would think they would list it and say either "software under creation" , "waiting approval" "or nokia belle not available".


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                  Yea I mean who would want T-mobile's services anyway especially their boot screen sucks. Do miss visual voicemail, but gotten use to without it. Even if they do bring the update it would be long and soon maybe Nokia Carla would be coming out .

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                    icbuono ...Thanks for all the work you put into this update thread. Its very much appreciated.  I updated to Belle yesturday as per your directions.  I did have an issue with one file downloading from Nokia Care Suit...the (variant 0595320) file: RM-675_M001.25 .emmc.fpsx which is describes as memory card content kept going way past the 112 Mb amount. I just stopped it at about 150 Mb and proceeded with the flashing.  Works great...that I could see.  Only problem is that my video out does not work which Ive read that its an issue for Belle. It doesnt even recognize the 3.5mm plug when its in. Any suggestions?? I put a video 3.5mm in and set tv out as default with no success. 


                    Also...as to the above mentioned file Memory card file...I noticed in other variants this Memory Card Content file was much larger...into the 1+ Gb range. Is this attributed to additional data or apps installed to the memory card? Maybe just preloaded maps but idk...any ideas?

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                      great job! Thanks very much.

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                        release some cfws bro belle works really good

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                          I simple cannot undnerstand why TMO is silent on this. It is very staright forward and simple and I just flashed my phone with Belle and I am very amazed. Yes, there are some issues with this new OS as well but it is better and faster then anna. Though few difference I noticed, tell me if you guys experienced the same.


                          1. Screen response is little sluggish than Anna.

                          2. Youtube app is not there (may be need a seperate download)

                          3. Physical call button doesn't launch the dialpad.

                          4. website doesn't load automatically after selecting the suffix (.com, net  etc).

                          5. Doesn't show the byte counts in browser.

                          6. Only tilt one side.


                          Overall I think it will take me time to get use to this new OS. Some features are really neat. I am liking it so far.



                          Besides this, can any one tell me how to make a Video call (what are the requirements.) Other side has to be on the same phone/network. Does this cost normal or extra charge?


                          Thanks for Icobuono for his detailed instructions.

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                            nam_frost_metal_059B5R9 works fine, you just have to patience and let it download.

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                              i tried flashing my astound but it is looking fo dp 1 or dp 2.. please help

                              • 102. Re: Nokia C7 Astound Belle Update Release?

                                hi guys,



                                greatly appreciated your help.....




                                can any 1 tell me how to make video call from nokia c7 astound (Symbian ANNA)?? the video call icon is not reveal in the list...

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                                  Still waiting ...

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                                    I waited for Belle to "stabilize" and flashed my astound with Belle last week.

                                    For all of those who are still wondering, I must say that after my first week using Belle, I FULLY understand T-Mobs decision NOT to pursue the upgrade.

                                    There is no doubt that Anna is more stable, and although Belle may get further software upgrades were Anna will not, I doubt Nokia at this stage will put to much r&d in it. 

                                    (and I flashed the Belle 040 version, so I wonder what the 030 and before were like......)

                                    Here are just some of the obvious things that Belle lacks/compares unfavorably vs Anna:


                                    Belle is far more sluggish than Anna

                                    Belle's drag down menu CANNOT alter the Power Saving Mode like tapping the top of the main Anna screen

                                    Belle's drag down menu only has Silent (on/off) profile and you cannot chose like Anna

                                    Belle does have WIFI Calling and thus weaker cell signal reception

                                    Belle's browser is much slower, does not support WML (so to access Hotmail and MS Live you have to "trick the system" - no go figure that from a company that supposedly is in "complete collaboration" with Microsoft and mobile OS !) and Opera Mini seem more unstable on it.

                                    NO FLASH PLAYER integrated still in the Browser and NO FLASH PLAYER that can be installed.

                                    Still no control on the "Real Player" - integrated music player.  So everytime you interrupt, you have to relaunch and you cannot modify ANY settings !

                                    (  Again, go figure out how Nokia does not have MS Media Player nor streamm any mms: streams on theri phones !!! - 18 after their "complete collaboration" with them......)

                                    The Access point management does not work.  Often you will connect to WIFI, but it will remain "unknown" and will not be used by Belle.  More, it will not add it to your Access points, so next time you access it, you still have to enter the WEP codes !

                                    Actually the whole Access Points is a mess compared to Anna.

                                    There is still no direct X (close app) button w/easy access on any applications


                                    The only good thing maybe that once you flash the system is not burdened with the T-Mob uselss propriaterry


                                    And Belle does have a nicer look and better Widgets/Shortcuts.

                                    (and of course is still better than Android)

                                    So, the only reason to flash it, if you are a US user, in my opinion, is in hope of the future improvements


                                    Also like to say thanks to Icbuono who thorough step by step flash directions are perfect.

                                    I would only add that Phoenix doe NOT support x64 based pcs, so you have to look for a cracked.rar version that does.  I used the one from Schwantz-i.org


                                    Hope that helps

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