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Voice Search


I did several searches and didn't find any discussion of the S2's voice search.  I even watched the video and went and read a couple articles......


I can do a "navigate".  I can do a "note to self".  I can call a number.  But I CAN'T send an email.  I've tried with and without the "to".  I've tried fast, slow and in between.  I've tried lowering my voice 'til I sound like James Earl Jones....


But, "Send to <name> subject xxx message 1234" or any variation I've tried, ALWAYS gets me into email with no "To:" and the "to <name> subject xxx message 1234" all just ends up next to the "Message:"


I"ve tried "send to", "email to", "email", "send".  I've tried by name, I've tried speaking the email address. 


So far, everything I"ve tried has just gotten me an empty "To:" with no address and everything after "send" or "email" in the "Message:"


I just tried calling my wife and it tried to connect me to a newspaper number that doesn't sound ANYTHING LIKE her name......


I'm in Minnesota, been a midwesterner all my life, so I don't think I have any sort of interesting accent or such.


Is this just a cosmic joke to torment people like me that don't know what we're doing, or does everybody else make phone calls and send emails just fine?

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    The GS2's voice commands are based on the Vlingo app, but I've found it doesn't work as well as Vlingo. Try downloading Vlingo from the Market and using it. See if that works better for you. Also, has anyone reported bad call quality when you use speakerphone? I had a phone once that had a bad speakerphone mic and voice commands were useless with that.

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    I'll try Vlingo...  I'll also have to try making a speakerphone call...  I haven't had the phone long enough to do that yet...

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    Hey dkperez!


    I wasn't able to find a way to use the voice command function to send an e-mail to an e-mail address (example@who.com).  I was only able to send an e-mail to a contact if the e-mail address was already saved to that contact.  I also had to put a noticeable pause between the contact's name and the message I wanted to send, so that may help.  Were you able to try the Vlingo app?  Let us know how it works out!


    - Ian

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    I've installed vlingo, and tried it, but I have the same problem there as in Voice search.  Some searches work, some just dump me to a search screen, some don't do anything...


    I don't know if its my voice, speed, or what.  Maybe I'll have my wife try it and see if it works for her.


    With or without the voice search, the phone is nice and does pretty much everything else I'd like pretty well.

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    An alternative to Voice Search is the app Speaktoit. When SIRI was advertised, I looked around the android market for a substitute and couldn't really find one better than Voice Search, when I got my sgs2 in October of last year. I tried them all out and none of them really beat the stock app. Now that some time has passed, I read an article about the app Speaktoit being released for iOS. The article noted that the assistant was quite good. I tried it out again, after about three months, and it quite better than before. I am always looking for a fun new app, so you might want to check it out. Maybe it will work better with your voice.

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    I've also installed Skyvi with inconsistent results....


    I wouldn't be so curious about the Voice Search except in their introductory blurb they specifically SHOW SENDING AN EMAIL in their Youtube video AND in the "Help".  I've tried fast.  I've tried slow.  I've tried while hopping on one foot.  I've tried having the phone next to me ear.  I've tried holding the phone in front of me.  I absolutely CANNOT get it to put a name or address into the "to".......


    I've concluded this is some kind of joke Samsung as perpetrated on us, and there are a bunch of geeks somewhere ROTFLMAO...

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    I just recently found out that if you are using Google's Voice Search it will only work with contacts which have been synced to your GMail account.  For example, my contacts are only synced from my Exchange server.  Because of this, when I use Google's Voice Search, I am seeing the same things that you're seeing:  when I try to make a call it tries to search the internet and when I try to send a text message, it puts something like "Send text to <name> Hey, <name>."


    I haven't tried the built in Samsung voice functions (which are powered by Vlingo) because I have recently read that lots of people have had some serious problems with the voice command and voice talk where it spontaneously launches.  I don't know if this has been resolved yet, but the problems sound so bad that I don't want to take a chance.  Anyway, let us know if you find a resolution.

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    I've watched the video on youtube several times now and it only references making a call or sending a text. Point out the minute and second that it says email.