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    Fut the Wuck

      Hey folks -


      Just wanted to drop a note regarding lack of support for the G-Slate.


      Actually, as it is highly unlikely that LG will give G-Slate owners Android 4.0 (I was told "the hardware won't support it" - yeah) or even 3.2, coupled with the bootloader fiasco, perhaps I should refer to it as 'negative support'.


      Basically, I am appalled. The release was less than one year ago, and we paid good money - and not just for a product. We paid in good faith that LG and T-Mobile would provide adequate future support, and this has simply not been given. Unbelievably, the converse has occurred and we have been abandoned, except for our financial and contractual obligations, of course.


      So. Since neither LG nor T-Mobile will fulfill our very reasonable expectations (failing to address even simple concerns such as USB host support, painfully slow typing in the stock browser, etc.), it seems that the only option is to put our foot down to get a leg up.


      With this in mind, I have created a site whose goal is to truthfully and objectively shine light on their utter failure of a partnership - and not just concerning the G-Slate (I hear there are 1 or 2 disappointed G2x owners). It will hopefully, given enough traffic and members, not only raise awareness to current/prospective customers (victims?), but ellicit satisfactory response from the companies that we have paid in exchange for products and services. It's all done with a combination of humor and fury, with a touch of profanity.


      Here's the link: http://lg-and-t-mo-g-slate-fut-the-wuck.blogspot.com/


      I strongly encourage each and every dissatisfied G-Slate/G2x/etc. owner to join, comment, or at least hit the +1/Like button. Are you up for it?


      "We must hang together, or we will surely all hang seperately"



      - Connell

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          I’m sorry to hear of your dissatisfaction of the support for your device. Is there something that TForce can assist you with?


          Thank you for contacting T-Force,


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            I agree man. I wish LG or T-Mobile would come out officially and at least acknowledge that they recognize an issue and are unwilling to take action to remedy it. I know that we will never really see pure android devices since carriers and manufacturers don't make enough money on them and have openly said that it won't happen. I had a G2x and have a G-Slate now since they appeared to be "vannila" android devices but will never buy another LG device. Both devices are (like so many other T-Mobile devices) right on the cusp of being awesome but lack the support and vision to ever get there. It seems like Verizon is the only carrier right now who can actually get its devices updated with any regularity and it is still a far cry from what consumers expect.


            The iPhone set a high expectation of how a touch screen device should behave. If LG or any other manufacturer wants to position its devices as ios alternatives then it needs to continue to support its devices until they perform well without requiring constant (sometimes involuntary) power cycles. T-Mobile and LG may both feel that people are complaining about nothing and are expecting too much for what they pay for. If that truly is the case, then it is still T-Mobile's fault for setting the wrong expectation. I don't really like ios devices, but you don't have to reboot them continuously and the touch screens always work. This is why people are willing to pay more for a device that does less; what's the point of 3D recording and a super camera if my tablet freezes or reboots when I want to use those features?

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              Sean, it's nice to see someone willing to throw themselves to the lions (so to speak). Does T-Mobile have any aces up their sleeves to restore cusomers' faith in T-Mobile? I'm scared to ever sign a contract for fear of getting a device that seems great, only to find out that it won't have any long term support. If you're able, I'd love to have my G-Slate replaced with a Samsung tablet. You'll be my hero if you could make that happen.

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                Hey kcragun,


                I (along with everyone in TForce) am here to help if possible. When it comes to tablets the companies that manufacture them are responsible for all support (except network). T-Mobile is not trying to “pass the buck,” but just trying to support what we can. At the end of the day T-Mobile is a world class service provider, and not an equipment manufacturer. We try to do all the support we can, but cannot support all devices hardware and software needs.


                I would definitely like to be your TForce hero… Unfortunately we cannot exchange your device, but thank you for asking.


                If you need additional G-Slate support I can get you  LG’s phone number.


                Thank you for contacting TForce,


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                  Hi sean_h


                  I appreciate your responses in this discussion. I don't know to what extent your authority reaches, and I'm sure your hands are tied in a myriad of ways. Please bear that in mind throughout the rest of this post.


                  I don't see any path to resolution in your posts. I understand that T-Mobile is not a hardware manufacturer. But, as a self-described "world class service provider", I expect T-Mobile to stand behind it's products. And if the product is not meeting the reasonable expectations of the majority, then I expect T-Mobile to stand behind it's customers; by this, I mean that T-Mobile should throw it's weight at LG to assist us in having our expectations met.


                  I say this because providing a phone number to LG is a solution that only induces despair, as are the LG forums and every other avenue of communication they provide. I and many others have already attempted this. LG simply will not provide any definitive statements/answers to our questions or concerns (the most common of which I stated in the original post).


                  Many of us agreed to extended contracts by purchasing the G-Slate, and I believe that entitles us to reasonable support and updates for the length of that contract. In the world of today's telecommunication devices, it is incorrigible not to receive those things.


                  Nobody's demanding unicorns to start flying out of the G-Slate; however, it is obvious that support for this device is eroding to the point of nonexistence, within months of it's original April 20th 2011 launch date on T-mobile. We feel the evidence plainly indicates that these devices are going to be abandoned completely. And whether we're wrong or right about this, an official statement needs to be released addressing that. Enough of us are concerned to warrant such a statement. We just want to know one way or the other to help us make informed decisions - particularly, whether or not we should move on to more supported devices offered by a different manufacturer/carrier.


                  A good start towards helping us forge a path to resolution would be an official statement from T-Mobile, by somebody authorized to do so, which would answer this question:


                  What is T-Mobile's official position regarding software updates/support for their offered devices in which the customer agrees to a 12 or 24 month contract?  


                  Thank you for your time and consideration regarding these matters,





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                    Technically speaking, T-Mobile agreed to provide OS updates within 18 months of launch as part of the Google Update Alliance announced at the Google I/O Conference. But as PC Magazine noted, this promise has gone widely ignored by the large carriers: http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2397729,00.asp


                    I personally don't care about any updates to my G-Slate. I think it runs fine now and I don't want to deal with a new OS and potential app compatibility issues. But for those who are dying to see an update, my advice is that you shouldn't hold your breath. The Android fragmentation issue is something well known in the industry and I doubt that it will be solved any time soon. The reality is that no matter what device you have (unless it is a Nexus), the OS updates will be slow to arrive and you very likely won't ever see an update after purchase.


                    Connell, I know this isn't what you wanted to hear, but it is the reality of Android. I wouldn't waste your time with a petition.