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    Introduce yourself


      I want to welcome you all to the new T-Mobile Comet discussion topic area.  Feel free to introduce yourself to your fellow Comet owners.  This way we can reconnect with previous forum users and get to know new members alike.


      In addition, if you have any questions or thoughts you would like to share regarding our new Community, please feel free to stop by our Feedback topic area.


      Welcome again and enjoy your stay!

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          Hi, I'm Misty and I just bought a Comet a few days ago.  I'm switching from a Windows Mobile device (T-Mobile Shadow) that I had for about 4 years, so it's a weird transition to Android.  I've been getting really frustrated because this forum has so little information.  When I google questions about my Comet (for example, how I can sync with Outlook), I get a lot of results, apparently all from the old T-Mobile community forum, but which are now inaccessible.  And EVERY single time I come to this new support page, I have to go and find my device from the menu, even though I'm logged in as a forum user AND with my account.  Is it possible to save my device with my forum login info, so I dont' have to go through the same steps every single time?


          Not much of an introduction but there it is.

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            Hi there misty625 and welcome!


            Maybe this will help.  If you save a browser bookmark for the url http://support.t-mobile.com/community/phones_data_devices/android/t-mobile_comet?view=discussions&start=0 that will take you straight to the Comet discussion area each time.  Then you can just log in and you're already right where you want to be.


            Hope that helps!

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              Hi! I just joined T-Mobile after a big battle with AT&T. I have a Comet and I love it! It has so many features and I love the Android shop! The customization of the phone is amazing! T-Mobile is so much better than AT&T...but now T-Mobile has been bought out by AT&T. I still hope the quality I get now with T-Mobiles continues!

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                hi my name is katharine i have had my comit for aout 4 months now and i love it

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                  Hello, I'm Sandy.  I like the Comet...it was smaller than I expected and my long, ample fingers make using the keyboard a challenge, but it's a decent device.  It would also be great to be able to access step-by-step instructions for performing certain functions.  Had a Blackberry Pearl previously and the information for that device is very detailed. Also, my Blackberry had an easier computer-to-device (et vice versa) transfer of data.  Other than those two pieces, love the Android system.

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                    Hello, rvruss here, and just want to introduce myself to the g2x forum. Have had my g2x for about 6 mos now, and

                    so far I have had very little problems. Very pleased with it so far. I have not received the gingerbread update, and

                    from reading many posts of those who have, I really don't see any reason to mess with something that's working

                    well.I love the android apps, since this is my very first android phone. I also enjoy the speed of the g2x. Only thing

                    that could be improved for my use would be the wifi. I live, ad work in tmobile dead zones, and have to rely on wifi,

                    which has a tendancy to be slow to connect, and sometimes it disconnects for no reason. If that could be improved,

                    I would be 100% happy. Maybe i haven't got the wifi settings correct? Anyway, I look forward to learning from other


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                      Hi. Does anyone know how to upload Facebook profile pictures into my contacts in the Comet???