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      • 15. Re: Sudden massive battery drain

        Open Market


        My apps

        click on Google Maps

        You should then have a button on the right 'Uninstall updates'.

        Just click it to uninstall the updates.

        • 16. Re: Sudden massive battery drain

          Ah, I did notice the network locator service running in the running services screen, but since I rarely check that, I wasn't sure if that was normal or not. But yeah, now that I uninstalled the googlemap updates (you can either do that on its page in the market, or go to settings -> applications -> manage applications, and find maps, there should be a button named "uninstall updates".) I don't see it anymore.

          • 17. Re: Sudden massive battery drain

            Humm...did you power down your phone after uninstalling Google Maps?
            What version is showing now on your phone?

            Does it still show in Running services?
            After I uninstalled, I don't see Google Maps in Running services, my phone...already....is about 80% charged.

            After being plugged into the charger for less than two hours.

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              Another thought...you may be onto something...if it's Android 2.2 related.

              I know that TMobile is going to be rolling out 2.3.3 soon:


              On July 27, T-Mobile G2 devices will begin to receive an Over-The-Air (OTA) update to Android 2.3.3 (Gingerbread). The update will roll out to customers in waves over the coming weeks.


              So....maybe I'll try to apply the Google Maps update after 2.3.3 upgrade and see what happens.

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                The good news, if there is any; I'm not the only one with this problem. If it is Google Maps related, then we can expect a fix.......Hopefully.

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                  Yeah, I don't want to say I'm glad other people are having this problem, but it at least has me less worried its a problem with my specific phone. If it is maps, if enough people are experiencing it, yeah, hopefully they'll send out a fix soon.


                  Until then, I will at the very least wait until I get the gingerbread OTA before reinstalling.

                  • 21. Re: Sudden massive battery drain

                    yea...cross fingers...maybe 2.3.3 will fix the mess.

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                      The update to Gingerbread will probably fix things - I also was very frustrated by sudden battery drain but after I updated to Gingerbread (the leaked update), and now there's no more battery drain and my battery is lasting much longer.

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                        I've taken the approach to only update apps on my G2, such as Google Maps, when its actually a definite benefit to me. I've turned off auto update for all apps. If you have a stable phone and the apps work fine, you may want to consider doing the same. Then, when an update does become available for an app, take a look at its new features, and determine if you will make use of them. If not, consider not upgrading the app. Plus, you can come on to these boards and see if anyone else is having issues with a recent app update before you also take the leap

                        • 24. Re: Sudden massive battery drain

                          popartist...thank you for the update.
                          Glad to hear that Gingerbread did some (battery) good.

                          I'll look forward to 2.3.3 and hopefully that will resolve all these battery drain issues.

                          • 25. Re: Sudden massive battery drain

                            As another data point, I've seen a sudden massive battery drain over the last 2 or 3 days on a Nexus One running 2.3.3 (Gingerbread).

                            • 26. Re: Sudden massive battery drain

                              I have this same problem, started at exactly the same time.


                              Battery drains a consistent 20% an hour.


                              I have been running Cyanogenmod 7 for months with no issues.


                              Phone has been hard-reset, is sitting on the counter at the "Press Android to begin" screen, no SIM card, no SD card, and still huge, huge, huge battery drain...

                              • 27. Re: Sudden massive battery drain

                                Dang, even after uninstalling the update to maps, I'm already down to 80% after fully charging my phone and unplugging about 2 hours ago. And I wasn't even using it! This is definitely frustrating, because other than applying a few updates to some google branded apps, nothing's changed on my phone or in how I use it to explain the sudden increase in battery consumption. And it seems to have started happening to several people around the same time (which amusingly enough, is the same time T-mobile finally decides to push out gingerbread to the G2), so I'm not inclined to think its a problem with my phone. But I can't think of what else to try since rolling back the updates and even doing the normal things people do to conserve battery life (turning off wireless, bluetooth, gps, using wireless and gps to find your location, setting apps to only sync manually, switching from auto-brightness to 30%, etc) even though it wasn't a problem before doesn't seem to fix the problem. Of course, I'm a little glad turning things off didn't work and its something else, because the phone is uselss if I just have to keep everything off.


                                But I'd like to think there is a solution out there, if only I was more knowledgable. I tried using a program like alogcat to see if I'd see something the logs that would illuminate the issue, but the output was all over my head. Unless someone comes up with a solution, it looks like I might have to just deal with the problem until I get the OTA. (I would try the leak, but from reading around the boards, its sound like its not the same as what's be pushed out in the OTA)

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                                  As another data point, I've seen a sudden massive battery drain over the last 2 or 3 days on a Nexus One running 2.3.3 (Gingerbread).


                                  My roommate has a Nexus One with 2.3.3 as well, and I had said upthread he was seeing similar battery drain problems since yesterday, but now he's thinking that was just a fluke, because after charging it today, the consumption is as he expected. Are you still seeing the issue?

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                                    Me too......Tried everything I know and still drains like crazy. I never had battery issues before. In fact, I could go at least 48 hours....Or more before I had to charge.


                                    I suppose we could all call customer service and report it. Maybe if they get enough calls like that, they will look in to it.

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