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      • 60. Re: Nokia C7 Astound Belle Update Release?

        Well for some odd reason the last file downloading goes over, well until when should it stop using the nam 059b5r9.... and should i just not use the memory card content one?

        • 61. Re: Nokia C7 Astound Belle Update Release?

          I downloaded all files(mark all).  it had 960mb of memory card file. its better to have all the files. when i tried without the memory card file it gave m an error for that file missing.

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            Yes, I did it now it's totally awesome thanks guys sorry for all the trouble and questions

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              Great. Now since you done. Do you mind pen the exact steps to help others. Sply the folder name and the version you downloaded. Thanks,

              • 64. Re: Nokia C7 Astound Belle Update Release?

                I'll do that if and only if you do me a favor first. Which is:


                1) Download NaviFirm+1.6 from here which I uploaded yesterday: http://www.mediafire.com/?3p4i429d81liglm

                2) Extract the contents using winzip,etc.
                3) Open up NaviFirmPlus, its an .exe so it doesn't need to be installed.
                4) Under the Products column, scroll down until you find "Nokia C7-00 (RM-675)" and click on it.

                5) You will see the Releases column become populated with 9 firmwares (FW). Click on "111.30.609" which is Nokia Belle.
                6) Depending on your connection, it may take a second for the Variants column to be populated with a whole bunch of Nokia Belle variants for C7s.Once the column is populated, scroll down to "nam_frost_metal (059B5R9)" and click on it. This is the North American variant for frosty metal C7s which are our TMO Astounds but without all of the TMO branding and various apps.

                7) After you click on the "nam_frost_metal (059B5R9)" variant, the Files box in the upper right side will be populated with many different files. Click on the Unmark All button above the box on the upper right side.

                8) Now, scroll down to the bottom and click on the check-off box for "RM-675_M026.25.emmc.fpsx".
                9) Now depending on where you first unzipped the contents of the zip file that I uploaded and you downloaded, inside the NaviFirm+1.6 folder is another folder named "fw". This is where any files that you download will be saved to. If you want to change that click on the Browse button in NaviFirm and select the desired place for NaviFirm to save all of your downloaded files.
                10) Finally click on the Download button.*


                *The reason why I am asking for you to download this one file for me is because when I try to download that one file, it never stops downloading. It goes beyond the supposed file size of 200MB for me which I once let it download to 3.3GB


                and that was when I had enough of it and knew it wasn't working.


                11) After you download it, upload it to file share website like mediafire, megaupload, etc...which ever you have an account to or just make an account to one of them...they are really helpful if you don't have one already!

                12) Come back to this forum, and post a link to the file.



                That's it. Once, I see that you did that for me or anyone else for that matter who reads this, I'll give you and everyone else clear step-by-step directions just like I wrote above to the whole flashing process. If not, I am done with this forum and I won't answer any questions. ***For the several people that I have already helped, out of respect for me helping you please don't help anyone else with flashing until some uploads the file I have requested.****Hate to sound like a troll, but this is a symbiotic relationship, you do me a favor and I'll do you a even bigger favor you and help you out with any questions along the way.

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                  Yes the last file for me did not download it just kept on extending beyond what was said to be downloaded for a while, so i just canceled it.

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                    icbuono, that file is 3.0 GB.  If you download it with a download manager or browser this is the link and it shows that it is 3GB



                    The nam version that I got was from a different server, not the nokia care suite server.  If you go to the top left corner, click on server where it says nokia care suite and change it to Production external.  The nam version under produciton external server doesn't have the file above at all.

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                      Why is there a difference between the two servers? Is one better than the other?

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                        I have no idea.  I really wish T-Mobile would just provide us with an update. I'm willing to download it myself online so their network doesn't get clogged.  I just want to be able to have a link with official tmobile files.   Until T-Mobile gets their act together and gives us official files, I'm just going to keep on using the version of Belle I have.  I'm assuming the european one, or the the one from the external server nam version I have, they're all the same in the end.  I did say that mine had that texting problem though, so keep that in mind.

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                          Well I am still going to try it...maybe I won't get that texting problem and maybe I will. guess we will see. thanks

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                            Well i did the update software with phoenix using the fw from the production external server and actually don't have that split text messaging error like you. AND I finally downloaded that huge file that was never stopping in NaviFirm! So anyone who may want that file I could upload it...its the RM-675_M026.25.emmc.fpsx if anyone is still having a problem where it won't stop.

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                              I just flashed my Astound to Belle using that HUGE fpsx file. Phoenix reported errors...but the phone rebooted and everything has been working fine so far. My mass memory only has 1 GB free (instead of the 4 GB that used to be free). I haven't researched that yet. I'm still restoring and customizing things. The flashing process was incredibly simple and Belle is so smooth. No wonder they don't want to offer it. It's like having a new phone again!

                              • 72. Re: Nokia C7 Astound Belle Update Release?

                                Yeah well 2.47GB of used space is from the maps preinstalled from the flash/update. So i would just uninstall all of it and then download state maps that you need.

                                • 73. Re: Nokia C7 Astound Belle Update Release?

                                  I thought that might be the case. I tried deleting the cities folder and that removed all maps but is there another folder to delete as well? I only have one state downloaded but still only have 1 GB of the 8 GB in the mass memory available. I tried using X-plore to determine what was taking up all the space but haven't figured it out yet. Other than that, everything is working great!

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                                    Adding up all of the used space (even from the hidden files/folders), only about 90 MBs of the mass memory are accounted for. I found a few threads on other sites which indicate others are having the same problem. For now, the missing 7 GB isn't an issue...but hopefully there will be a fix that doesn't require me to reinstall everything again.

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