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  • 30. Re: Why no update to Android 2.3?

    Sorry, but the Samsung person gave you a line of BS. They've done the 2.3 update on the wifi model of the Tab 7, and all carriers except T-Mobile have done it, too.


    After giving up on Samsung and T-Mobile, I upgraded my own Tab 7. It runs better than ever. And I am still unhappy that these companies couldn't be bothered to upgrade a device that was only a year old. Both have lost me, at least for now, as a customer.

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    you should reread what I wrote.....now I am just being redundant..LOL!,, anyway...I posted clearly "

    The UI is to mimic some of the things ICECREAMSANDWICH does but those related to hardware can't be done for obvious reasons."


    Nothing to do about Gingerbread or 2.3?????, it was an FYI with important info that seemed to have failed....and we are on a T-Mobile support group...so I thought it was obvious about what was written... I had several people read what I wrote....I have a question for you??; How did you come to the conclusion of what I wrote?? just curious....


    Master of the obvious is distinctions without differences.

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    Good update from your discussion at CES2012 and good point about app updates.


    The main rub is a simple one:  It's frustrating to be holders of the T-Mobile Tab 7 and not have an explanation from either Samsung or T-Mobile as to why this is the only unit not to have an OS update. 


    In a world where OS software gets updated weekly and all the other hardware we own (printers, video cards, phones, etc, etc) receive firmware and driver upgrades, this particular exception is bewildering. 


    There seems to be a hint from Samsung that the T-Mobile device hardware is somehow lacking the ability to stand an OS update, but to my knowledge no-one has identified it yet.  Odd.


    If T-Mobile and/of Samsung just came out and said "Game over, stop waiting - nothing will change." much of the confusion and discussion would fade.


    Froyo is working fine for me on my unlocked T-Mobile Tab 7, which I use in the US and Europe.  It's a better travel companion than the larger format tablets.  I can and may follow someone else's bouncing ball update instructions for kicks, but I'm not convinced of any game-changing Gingerbread, et al, enhancements. 


    But the real wonder is the mystery of the silence!

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    Well there is USB Host support for gingerbread, look at XDA support forums for the SGH-T849 T-mobile version, but you need to get the small 30 pin to usb adapter that is used for 10" Galaxy tab, only problem it's not powered, but some have hacked for external power source for external hard drives, for being one of the older first generation tablets it still has much potential, but lack of multi-core and GPU for Icecreamsandwich hardware advantage may deter software developers from supporting it, as the new hardware reflects use of new sensors such as gyros, pressure, nfc and others of which the Galaxy tab 7 does not have. As software evolves forward the GT7 becomes obsolete, but Im going to get as much use of mine before I have the need to upgrade and so far it looks as the Galaxy tab 7.7 is the best for my needs, but not for the near future. I am very happy with mine.

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    let me know how your jailbreak turn out. Im also thinking about hacking it. Im using ICS Launcher but its not the same without 2.3 gingerbread. I wish i can pay anyone to hack my tab in Los Angeles,Ca area. I just dont trust myself doing it. =)

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    Any suggestions on where and if, outside the US, one might get the software updated for the GT7.


    I travel frquently, primarily in Asia and would be interested in giving it a try.

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    Has nothing to do with where you go with it but rather where to product was manufactured for. There are alloy of different hardware versions for that device.

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    I have been running ICS on my Galaxy Tab for about a week now...and I am happy that almost everything works in it, and being that ICS was not made for the OGT I was pleasently surprised on how well it works, but to add this ROM to your GT7 is not for the everyday user....you have to pay attention to what you are doing and review many times before you delve unto this task, but once succsessfuly done the Original Galaxy Tab 7 works faster and for most apps better than Froyo, but there are a couple programs that still have bugs but I think in a short time they will be worked out for there are many people on XDA getting the bugs out and testing.

    But just a warning....don't attempt this unless you have the capacity to do so, wanting to do and the ability to do so are entirely different?? so make sure you understand this. Don't cry later about how your Tab is bricked! Read everything and reread everything just to make sure you understand! before you attempt to do this! and don't be afraid to ask questions on the XDA forums to be clear on how to do this!


    But so far I am happy with my results, but this is more of a learning experience than a replacement for a device!, as I am definitely going to upgrade to a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 32GB or 64GB in the near future, the hardware upgrade alone justifies the issue of money $$$$, and now that I have had my Tab for more than two years I can justify it to my wallet.

    Only if T-Moblie would carry the GT 7.7 that would be great! but I don't see that happening any time soon, so I will get the GT 7.7 by other means once it's out and has been tested by most I will fork out the $$$ and get one!

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    i also finally root my tab to 2.3 gingerbread euro firmware and its been awesome. My network speed was Edge but installed the new firmware and now its running H netswork. I also now have the phone capability. Have anyone ever use the phone feature on a cell sim card?

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