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    Snooze Button Issues

      Does anyone have issues with the snooze featre on your phone?  Mine will not work.  When my alarm goes off, I slide the ring to the snooze button.  The alarm stops but never goes off in ten minutes like its supose to.  I have tired pushing the button directly I have tried everything.  It is like I have two dismiss buttons instead of a snooze and a dismiess.  Anyone have any ideas or suggestions?? Thanks

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          I used to have that issue with my Vibrant so I downloaded "Alarm Clock Plus". It works great and even gives you the option for solving math problems before dismissing. Haven't used it on the Sensation but I am considering downloading it. I think my Sensation might be doing the same thing every now and then. It's rare and it might be me hitting "dismiss" without realizing it, but I don't like the thought of the alarm not working correctly.

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            I'll second Alarm Clock Plus. It also lets you Shake to Snooze. It has tons of options. And it's free.

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              Hi one option is to download  ( ALARM CLOCK PLUS  )  this has various options apart from alarm clock  presets  .