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  • 15. Re: Nokia C7 Astound Belle Update Release?

    they have no shame. its business. well i will be returning my phone to them.

  • 16. Re: Nokia C7 Astound Belle Update Release?

    What is this ??? No update !!!!!  And TMO expect us to buy new phones from them after we bought the Nokia Astound and they turn their back on us !!! This is insulting...I was wondering about the Lumia 710, but what if that phone doesn't take off ? Will TMO leave us stranded with no updates like they did with the Astound ? TMO better clean up its act and come up with the Belle update or down goes their phone support credibility !!!

  • 17. Re: Nokia C7 Astound Belle Update Release?

    i had a defy. no updated for that either. i will try to return or else flash it with generic version.

  • 18. Re: Nokia C7 Astound Belle Update Release?

    is it true that it is TMO thats not allowing the update? or is it Nokia?

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    We saw the tweet this morning but T-Mobile doesn't have an official comment as of yet.

  • 20. Re: Nokia C7 Astound Belle Update Release?

    If TMO can abandon this for windows then tomorrow they may abandon windows for some thing else?

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    This really is a major fail !!! This phone isn't even a year old and its not getting updated anymore . I actually thought about looking into the Lumia 710 . You would have to be crazy to get a 710 if support could go away for it in a matter of months . You are better than this TMO . I know you are .

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    What really I hope they do release it I mean come on it's really the only C7 with a carrier in the United States

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    I certainly don't plan to go with TMO once my contract is over, if this is how they treat their customers. I am with TMO for a decade and this is my first smart phone with them and since beginning this phone is having trouble and now since the Nokia has released some good OS after a long time TMO (or Nokia) is trying to ruin the whole moment.


    C'mon, TMO why you are always behind in everything, be it iPhone, fast network LTE or Nokia Belle..??

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    I hope that tmo changes their mind and gives us options...like if tmo don't test and approve the belle fw update then give us an option of still updating our phones but if we do then we void our warranty or loose phone support if we have issues. Its the least that tmo could do to make their nokia astound customers happy.

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    Nokia answer to a fan on tweeter saying that T-mobile is not supporting Belle update. They abandon support for phones that they discountinue selling since it's costing them money for testing. And yet T-mobile wonder why they are loosing customers. New customer get whatever they want & loyal customer get the shaft. To all Nokia Astound owners out there,   leave T-mobile  once our contract is over.

  • 26. Re: Nokia C7 Astound Belle Update Release?

    Really now that's why always buy unlocked phones that are not T-mobile branded in any matter what so ever. The great reason for that is once you buy a phone from T-mobile you either do not extend your contract for a big rip off price or extend, but sold a phone within a year or two will not be supported and just given an answer to buy another. For me I'm not extending my contract, so I will wait for the Nokia N8's successor. T-mobile if you do care, push Nokia into pushing the firmware if you both are just pointing fingers at each other just to promote the Lumia devices that soon probably no most likely wont even get the Apollo update, then I would rather risk my device in flashing a firmware than buying a device when a way better one is coming out later.

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    I have a reply from Nokia USA CS saying that TMO is not allowing the update. So what do u have to say about that Andrew.

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    I flashed my phone with Belle yesterday!  Its awesome! Here is a great video for directions: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zeet3k1_330. *You might need to find NaviFirm Plus and Phoenix some other site other than the one in the video...just google it. I already had both of them because I was going to flash my phone awhile ago with some CFW but i didn't.


    In NaviFirm 1.6, I downloaded the C7 RM-675 FW version:111.30.609 (Belle) euro1_uk_ireland_charcoal_black (0593583), not really why i chose that one but I first tried the T_mobile_UK_GB_Contract_Black_Belle_V4 (059D8F1) thinking that I would still get to keep Visual Voicemail but it didn't and the whole TMO starting sequence and TMO apps are junk so i flashed my phone again with the one I said earlier. I also tried downloading the NAM_frost_metal (059B5R9) which is the North American one but one file would never stop downloading...like it said it was one 199 MB but I canceled the download when it went past 3.3 GB!!! So I didn't want to try to flash my phone with that FW knowing that something was wrong with one of the important files of the FW....


    Follow the directions in the video for flashing with Phoenix after you download whatever C7 RM-675 Belle FW. I clicked on the refurbish button instead of the update button because I wanted a clean start so I knowingly lost all of my applications....I would recommend this to if you are like me who saves every .sis file I download from a forum or etc on to my computer for back up. ***Oh, make sure you DISABLE your Norton or anti-virus software for a second when you install Phoenix! Or else you will get some "Dongle error" when you try to open it. Don't worry phoenix is a Nokia software and you won't get a virus.


    So yeah hopefully you guys flash your Astound like I did...I have no regrets! The only thing you loose is Visual Voicemail and WIFI-Calling but thats its. Make sure to back up your phone before flashing with Nokia Suite! Like I said earlier Belle is awesome so much better! From my experience with Belle, I honestly feel that TMO didn't want to release it because their customers then wouldn't have to buy a new phone when their contract expires! I could definitely live with this update for another couple of years...the new widgets are the best of any phone os!


    If you guys have any questions, let me know and I'll try to respond!

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    do u have links. i tried doing it but it did not work may be i donot have the right version of phoenix. Also the tmo version is not pentaband and not sure if phone 3g will work the same. ur thaughts. thanks

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