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    Ringer volume Fade in

      Hi...  When the phone rings the ringer volume starts off low and get louder each time it rings.  I have not found a setting the will let it ring without the fade in.  This happens with any of the default ring tones or an mp3 file.  It is very annoying and I have missed calls because of it.


      LG-P999-V21e    Android 2.3.3


      Thanks Ben

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          I know I don't like it either. It is the way it is designed. I know of no fix.

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            Hey bentele!


            Have you looked into Market applications as a resolution?  You may be able to find a program to adjust those types of settings for the ring tone.


            Hope this helps!


            - Ian

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              Hi Ian...


              No I haven't looked for an app to help with this yet.  Funny thing is I emailed LG support about it and they tell me The G2X doesn't fade in....  Go figure.



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                Well I just did a hard Reset.....  Still does the same thing.....

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                  This may sound weird, but I was so happy to see your post!! Not that I would wish problems on anyone, I have a similiar problem and for the last 6 months and 2 new phones with the same problem, T-mobile insists on telling me that my problem IS NOT POSSIBLE!!! Yes, that's what they tell me. I have done 2 hard resets on each new phone with no problem resolution. I miss an estimated 4 out of every 6 calls I receive, or attempt to receive!! My phone will ring when the first call comes in and, if I happen to miss that call, the ringer turns itself all the way down so that I will not hear any new calls that come in. I downsized to just my cell phone to save money, but I seem to be paying T-mobile to 'hold' my calls instead. My first and second phone both had the same problem, but T-mobile insists that my phone isn't capable of turning it's own volume down. I was thrilled to find out that it's not the phone and that I'm apparently hallucinating this problem! They also informed me that I am the ONLY person to call with such a complaint, even though I got two brand new phones with the exact same problem. Your problem, unless I'm not understanding, seems to be the opposite of mine. Did you happen to get any information from LG support? I appreciate any help you could give me. Thanks for listening to my rant....at least someone did! LOL 

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                    Nope LG told me this phone doesn't do that. LOL   It seems to be a bit better after the 2.3.4 update.  Did you get it?



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                      Never had this problem with the phone.

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                        Well my phone just rang and the ringer did in fact fade in..... Soooooo the update didn't do anything....  Very annoying.