Premium Services FAQs

Find answers to commonly asked questions about recent billing changes to premium text message (SMS) services.




What is Premium Services? How much does it cost?

Premium Services allows T-Mobile customers the ability to purchase or subscribe to messaging programs, provided by third-party content providers. Premium Services are started by responding with a 4-, 5-, or 6-digit number, known as a short code. Premium Services can be a one-time charge or a monthly subscription service.





Why doesn't T-Mobile support Premium Services anymore?

At T-Mobile, our customers come first. We believe you should be treated fairly and not charged for unwanted services. Despite protections and processes put in place by T-Mobile and the industry, not all premium text message (SMS) vendors have acted responsibly.





What is T-Mobile doing about this?

After careful re-evaluation of the program, T-Mobile is putting processes in place to help protect our customers from being billed for premium text message services except for charitable and political giving with as little impact as possible to our customers.





Will I still be able to participate in standard text message campaigns?

Standard text message fan voting programs such as American Idol; charitable text message campaigns such as Text to Give for the Red Cross; or political campaigns that tell people they can donate through text messages are not impacted by this change.





Can I still make charges to my bill, such as purchases through Google Play or my subscription service to T-Mobile TV?

This change impacts only the premium text message business. Purchases through device marketplaces and applications are not impacted by this change.





How do I prevent phone numbers on my account from using Premium Services?

T-Mobile offers services that can help you block the ability to purchase Premium Services.

  • Family Allowances allows you to easily manage the minutes, messages, and downloads used on all the lines on your account for a low cost of $4.99 a month.
  • Content blocking provides the ability to block all chargeable downloads billed through T-Mobile. This service is free to our customers.





How will Premium Services charges show on my bill?

Premium Service charges will show up under the charges for the subscriber that purchased the content and are labeled as PREMIUM SERVICES.

Premium Services charges on your T-Mobile bill





Can customers request a refund?

Yes. We encourage you to check your monthly bills and to contact T-Mobile Customer Service if you see a charge you did not authorize.