SIM Card exhaustion troubleshooting

    Learn how to troubleshoot problems with SIM card exhaustion. T-Mobile customers with older SIM cards (from 2010 and earlier) may have registration problems due to SIM card exhaustion. Older SIM cards have a limit on the amount of times a SIM card can register on the network. Once the limited has been reached, the SIM card can no longer register on our network.


    You may notice the following symptoms:

    • Device cannot register to T-Mobile network at anytime and at any location.
    • When performing a network selection, the device finds the T-Mobile network, but cannot connect.
      Important: If the device does not find any networks, it is not SIM card exhaustion.
    • Device will display the following errors when trying to connect to the network:
      • 'Network Not Allowed'
      • 'Network Not Found'
      • 'Your SIM Card does not allow connection'



    Troubleshooting steps

    To troubleshoot problems with SIM card exhaustion, use the signal troubleshooting page in T-Mobile Support.


    If the above steps did not resolve the problem, contact T-Mobile Customer Service.