Gmail troubleshooting: Android

    Understanding the Issue

    What happens and why

    Gmail may have problems sending, receiving, or staying up to date with Gmail. The cause can be related to Google's servers, your specific Google account, or the phone settings.



    Help & How to

    Visual Audit



    Resolution Steps

    If the email from your Gmail account is not synchronizing to the device, follow these steps:


    1. Open a web page to verify you have internet. If you cannot access the internet, see: No internet / data: Android.
    2. If you get a sync error, see: Error: 'Sync is currently experiencing problems...'.
    3. Check your data synchronization settings, and verify that Gmail and Autosync are selected.
    4. Open the Play Store to connect to Google servers. If you cannot access Play Store, see:
    5. From the Play Store, check for updates to your apps:
      • From the Play Store home screen, touch Menu.
      • Touch My Apps.
      • Update all apps with an update available.
    6. If problems continue, check the phone storage space is over 25 MB. See your device help & How to for steps.
      Note: If it is lower, then clear and manage storage.
    7. Clear the cache and data of any available Gmail apps:
      • Gmail
      • Gmail storage
      • See your device > How tos > Apps > Clear & uninstall app.
    8. Open Gmail to test if you are receiving email.
    9. If you are receiving mail slowly, archive or delete all the mail in the Inbox, so it can sync faster. Syncing large files and many emails can slow down the device.
    10. If problems continue, open Gmail from a computer and sign in. If the computer cannot sign in, see: Account has been locked.
    11. Perform a master reset.
    12. Set up the Gmail account.
    13. Open Gmail to test if you are receiving email.
    14. If problems continue, contact Google support for assistance with the Gmail account.