Device Trade-in FAQs

Find answers to commonly asked questions about the Device Trade-In Program.




What if I lost my trade-in mailer, how do I get a replacement copy?

  1. Log in to your My T-Mobile account at
  2. Go to the Device Recovery Program.
  3. Enter the Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA).
  4. Click Retrieve Shipping Forms.
  5. Print the shipping mailer.
  6. Follow the instructions to pack and ship device.





What happens if the IMEI check for the trade-in shows as lost or stolen?

If the device sent in is reported as lost or stolen, the device will not have a trade-in value and the device cannot be returned.





Can non-T-Mobile customers trade in a device and purchase a new device?

Yes, non-customers can trade-in their old device for a credit which can be applied to the purchase of a new device when they activate an account with T-Mobile.




What is my responsibility for shipping the trade-in device?

When you ship your own trade device, it is your responsibility to accurately evaluate the trade-in phone and ensure the device remains in the same condition as originally indicated, by adequately packing it up for shipment.





What if I cannot locate my trade-in device in the drop-down menus?

If a device is not listed, then currently there is no trade-in value available.