Wi-Fi dropping connection or not connecting: HTC One S

Understanding the Issue



  • After connecting to Wi-Fi, connection drops shortly after.
  • Cannot connect to Wi-Fi network that used to work before update.
  • Device shows connected but will not pull data.



Help & How to

What to expect


Software version

Update to the latest software version. It resolves any device software problems.


Optimizing Wi-Fi performance and reception

To optimize Wi-Fi performance on the device, follow these steps:

  1. From the Settings menu, touch Wi-Fi.
  2. Touch Menu.
  3. Touch Advanced.
  4. For Best Wi-Fi Performance, touch On.
  5. For Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep, touch Always.


On your home router:

  • Turn off Hidden SSID.
  • Turn of MAC filtering.
  • Reboot the router.
  • Reset the router to default settings, if other steps are not helping.
    Note: T-Mobile does not provide support for your home router. please contact the manufacturer for help.


If problems continue, try the phone on other Wi-Fi networks to see if it works properly. If it connects normally, then the problem is with your specific router or internet connection.