GameBase app

Learn about the GameBase app. Get tips, how tos, and troubleshooting all on this page.



GameBase details

App features

  • One convenient location which houses games from many sources.
  • GameBase allows you to see all of your games in one location, unlike your app tray.
  • One touch access directly to the market to download and install new games.
  • Play online games directly from your phone, including multi-player games.



App requirements

  • You must have a data plan.



How tos

Play games

To play games, follow these steps:


  1. Launch GameBase.
  2. Press the Play Games Icon.
  3. This will show all games currently installed on your phone.
  4. Press the game you wish to play to automatically launch the game.



Bookmark games

To bookmark games, follow these steps:


  1. Launch GameBase.
  2. Press the Menu button.
  3. Press Bookmark.
  4. Select which source to use:
    Note: Games can be bookmarked from your app tray, as well as web-based games using the URL.
  5. Press Ok.


Download a game

To download a game, follow these steps:


  1. Launch GameBase.
  2. Browse or Search for the desired game.
  3. Press the desired game.
  4. This will automatically launch the game in the phone marketplace.
  5. Proceed with download steps for the specific marketplace.
  6. See the Application Space for download steps by Marketplace.