Internet browser redirects to tethering upsell page when not tethering: Android

Understanding the Issue



  • Android web browser does not load requested web page, but redirects to a page selling the internet tethering feature.
  • Upselling internet tethering feature when not tethering.


What happens and why


When browsing the internet on a phone with Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich), the browser may redirect to T-Mobile tethering upsell home page. This occurs when not attempting to tether.



Help & How to

Resolution steps


If the tethering upsell message continues to appear when not tethering, follow these steps:



  1. Reset the APN to default.
  2. Clear cache for the web browser. It may be listed and Internet or Web.
  3. Turn off the phone.
  4. Turn on the phone.
  5. Browse two web sites to test the browser.
  6. If the problem continues, turn on mobile view in the browser:
    1. From the Android browser, tap Menu.
    2. In the drop-down, tap View desktop site to turn off the check box.
  7. If the problems continue or you do not like viewing sites in mobile view, continue with steps below to download an alternate browser:
    1. From the Home screen, tap the Applications button.
    2. Scroll  to and select Play Store.
    3. Search for a third-party web browser. If you need some options, you can look for:
    4. Install the alternate browser.
  8. Browse two web sites to test the browser.