Google contacts sync troubleshooting: Android

    Understanding the Issue

    Gmail contacts may not show up on your phone or may seem to delete from the phone book.


    • Error: 'Gmail contacts are missing from contact list'
    • Contacts did not sync properly and are missing from the contact list



    Help & How to

    Resolution Steps

    To fix missing Gmail contacts, follow these steps:


    1. Verify your account is active and synching properly with the following steps:
      1. From Home screen press Menu.

      2. Tap Settings.

      3. Tap Accounts & Sync.

      4. Tap Google account.

      5. Verify Sync contacts is checked.

    2. On a personal computer, log in to the Gmail account at
    3. Verify that the contacts have been stored properly in the Gmail contact list.
    4. If contacts are missing select the More Options drop down menu.
    5. Select Restore Contacts.
    6. Select Restore.
    7. Select the time to restore contacts back to the Gmail contact list.
    8. Verify that the contacts have been restored.
    9. From the device, re-sync the Google contacts.
    10. Verify the contacts are viewable in the device contact list.
    11. If the problem continues, clear cache and data:
      1. From the Home screen, press Menu.
      2. Tap Settings.
      3. Tap Applications
      4. Tap Manage applications.
      5. Tap All.
      6. Scroll and tap Gmail.
      7. Tap Clear data.
      8. Tap Clear cache.
    12. Re-sync contacts.
    13. If the problem continues, export the contacts to the SD card from. They are likely stored on the SIM card, Phone, or T-Mobile Contacts Backup.
    14. Delete the contacts from the phone memory and SIM card.
    15. Import contacts from SD card that you just created. After you choose the vcard file, be sure to select to import them into Google.
    16. Re-sync contacts.
    17. If the problem continues, perform a master reset.