Unrecognized touch tones / DTMF: Android devices

Resolution Steps


  1. Change the device’s DTMF tones to Long.
    Note: Not every device can change this option. Review the specific device’s common procedure to see if the customer can change this setting.
  2. Verify if you are using T-Mobile branded device.
    • If you are using a non-T-Mobile device, you will need to test your SIM card in a T-Mobile device to determine if the issue is with the device or the network.

      Note: If the issue only occurs in the non-T-Mobile device, there is a problem with their device and ypu will need to contact the manufacturer for assistance.
    • If the issue occurs in a T-Mobile device, ensure it is on the latest version of software.
  3. If you are still having this issue, contact us.